• BWAPI (C++) releases - Here is your starting point if you want to code your bot in C++.
  • Example bot (Java) - Example bot coded in Java/BWMirror for you to experiment with. To get it started, read the tutorial though.
  • SCHNAIL - StarCraft Human 'N' AI League. You can play games against the bots from SSCAIT here.
  • Map Pack for SSCAI - Selection of 15 maps, that will be used in the tournament. See details on the Maps subpage.

SSCAIT Source Codes & Resources

Important Links

  • Tutorial - Beginner's tutorial that will help you start coding your bot in Java (with BWMirror API). No previous experience needed.
  • BWAPI C++ Documentation - This manual contains the documentation of all the available classes and functions. It will be your main and only reference point when coding your agents in C++. Focus on the "API" paragraph there. The most important classes to notice are
  • BWMirror Documentation - Documentation of all the classes and functions of BWMirror API.
  • Atlantis Java Bot framework - An easily extensible Java bot with a lot of basic functionality already implemented. Extend this if you want to create some advanced AI and don't want to lose time with the basics.
  • Scientific Papers - This list contains many papers about the AI research for StarCraft, using BWAPI. It's a great source of inspiration.
  • Game, Player & Unit.
  • StarCraft AI Wiki - Wiki with loads of useful info on StarCraft AI coding, bots, etc. It should replace the old forums.
  • List of Open-source Bots - A list of bots that can be downloaded and played against. Please add your bot here if you don't mind sharing its code.
  • A list of Bots on Liquipedia - A list of all the bots that have their own page on Liquipedia. Each page linked from there contains some information about a bot, its results in the tournaments and somemtimes the link to a code repository.

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