SSCAIT 2016/17

The 2016/17 installment of SSCAIT sported 45 participants. The tournament was divided into two divisions:
  • Student division: Round Robin tournament of 1980 games, where everybody played two games against everybody else. Only the individual student authors were eligible for the title.
  • Mixed division: Elimination bracket of 16 best bots (including non-students and teams).

Student division results:

  • 1st, 82pts: Martin Rooijackers, University of Maastricht (Netherlands)
  • 2nd, 63pts: Wulibot, University of Southern California (USA)
  • 3rd, 54pts: Zia Bot, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea)

Mixed division videos:

All the mixed elimination games can be watched in this YouTube playlist

Mixed division 2016/17 Elimination Bracket results:

The replays can be downloaded here.

Overall scores (both divisions) after round-robin 2016:

NameRaceWinsLossesScoreAvg. ScoreAchievementsDivisionDescriptionDownload
Martin Rooijackers
826820.93Legendary. Damn, I'm Good!. vs Zerg 500. Come Get Some. vs Zerg 200. vs Protoss 500. vs Terran 500. Let's Rock. vs Terran 200. vs Protoss 200. vs Zerg 50. Cheese!. Winning Streak 10. vs Terran 50. vs Protoss 50. Piece of Cake. Flower Child. Godlike. Veteran. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Student: University MaastrichtLetaBot: A Terran bot with wall-in implementation. Based on Nova and UAlberta bot. LetaBot uses Liquipedia Build orders, text mined by Dennis Soemers. Extra build order tips from CardinalAllin partially added as well.
808800.91vs Protoss 200. vs Terran 200. Let's Rock. vs Zerg 50. vs Terran 50. vs Protoss 50. Godlike. Piece of Cake. Winning Streak 10. Veteran. Cheese!. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)Tomato! strategies.json (put into bwapi-data/read):
799790.9Legendary. Supporter. vs Zerg 500. Come Get Some. Godlike. vs Protoss 500. vs Terran 500. Flower Child. vs Protoss 200. vs Protoss 50. vs Terran 200. vs Terran 50. vs Zerg 200. vs Zerg 50. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Let's Rock. Winning Streak 10. Piece of Cake. Cheese!. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Veteran. Experienced. Mixed (non-competitive)Involves some super secret AI technologies :P
Chris Coxe
7711770.88Come Get Some. vs Protoss 500. vs Terran 500. vs Zerg 200. vs Protoss 200. Let's Rock. vs Terran 200. vs Zerg 50. Winning Streak 10. vs Protoss 50. vs Terran 50. Piece of Cake. Cheese!. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Godlike. Veteran. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive) A simple throw-away proof-of-concept cheesy kamikaze 4-pool bot implemented in a short amount of time to reach low-hanging fruit. Effective against many bots that do not have a solid opening economy/defence.
Iron bot
7612760.86Come Get Some. vs Terran 500. vs Protoss 500. vs Zerg 200. vs Terran 200. vs Protoss 200. Let's Rock. vs Zerg 50. vs Terran 50. vs Protoss 50. Piece of Cake. Cheese!. Godlike. Winning Streak 10. Veteran. Experienced. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)Stone's successor

Iron uses the BWEM library:
New version BWEM 1.3 is now available
Marian Devecka
7513750.85vs Zerg 500. Come Get Some. vs Protoss 500. vs Protoss 200. vs Terran 500. Flower Child. vs Zerg 200. vs Protoss 50. vs Terran 200. vs Terran 50. vs Zerg 50. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Let's Rock. Piece of Cake. Godlike. Winning Streak 10. Cheese!. Winning Streak 5. Veteran. Experienced. Winning Streak 3. Mixed (non-competitive)Savage zerg bot. Shows no mercy.
Tomas Vajda
6523650.74Damn, I'm Good!. Legendary. Supporter. Come Get Some. vs Protoss 500. Flower Child. vs Zerg 500. vs Terran 500. vs Protoss 200. vs Protoss 50. vs Terran 200. vs Terran 50. vs Zerg 200. vs Zerg 50. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Let's Rock. Piece of Cake. Cheese!. Veteran. Experienced. Winning Streak 10. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Godlike. Mixed (non-competitive)XIMP bot. Carrier push.
Sijia Xu
6325630.72Come Get Some. vs Protoss 500. vs Terran 500. vs Zerg 200. vs Protoss 200. vs Terran 200. Let's Rock. vs Protoss 50. vs Zerg 50. vs Terran 50. Piece of Cake. Godlike. Winning Streak 10. Cheese!. Veteran. Experienced. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)
6325630.72vs Protoss 500. vs Zerg 200. vs Terran 200. Let's Rock. vs Protoss 200. vs Zerg 50. vs Terran 50. vs Protoss 50. Cheese!. Piece of Cake. Winning Streak 10. Godlike. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Veteran. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Student: University of Southern CaliforniaCustomized AI System for StarCraft Brood War based on UalbertaBot
Andrew Smith
6127610.69Legendary. Damn, I'm Good!. Come Get Some. vs Zerg 500. vs Terran 500. vs Protoss 500. vs Zerg 200. Flower Child. vs Protoss 200. vs Terran 200. Let's Rock. vs Zerg 50. Cheese!. vs Terran 50. vs Protoss 50. Piece of Cake. Winning Streak 10. Godlike. Winning Streak 5. Veteran. Winning Streak 3. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)Version 2.1 of Skynet
6028600.68Come Get Some. vs Protoss 500. vs Terran 500. vs Protoss 200. vs Zerg 200. Let's Rock. vs Terran 200. vs Zerg 50. vs Protoss 50. vs Terran 50. Piece of Cake. Godlike. Winning Streak 10. Winning Streak 5. Cheese!. Winning Streak 3. Veteran. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)Protoss yey :D
6028600.68Legendary. Damn, I'm Good!. vs Zerg 500. Come Get Some. vs Protoss 500. vs Terran 500. Godlike. vs Protoss 200. vs Zerg 200. vs Terran 200. Let's Rock. Winning Streak 10. Cheese!. vs Protoss 50. vs Zerg 50. vs Terran 50. Veteran. Piece of Cake. Flower Child. Winning Streak 5. Experienced. Winning Streak 3. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)ICEbot 2.1 from Intelligent Computer Entertainment Lab., Ritsumeikan University. Potential flows, finite state machine, enemy strategy prediction which triggers adaptive strategy rules and a lot of other heuristic things are applied in this bot.
Dave Churchill
5929590.67Legendary. Damn, I'm Good!. Come Get Some. vs Zerg 500. vs Protoss 500. vs Terran 500. Godlike. Winning Streak 10. vs Zerg 200. vs Protoss 200. Flower Child. Let's Rock. vs Terran 200. vs Protoss 50. vs Zerg 50. Piece of Cake. Equal opportunity ass kicker. vs Terran 50. Cheese!. Veteran. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Experienced. Mixed (non-competitive)
5830580.66vs Protoss 500. vs Zerg 200. vs Terran 200. Let's Rock. vs Protoss 200. vs Zerg 50. Winning Streak 10. vs Terran 50. Godlike. vs Protoss 50. Piece of Cake. Cheese!. Veteran. Experienced. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)Reactive protoss with carrier. Based on ualbertabot.
5632560.64Equal opportunity ass kicker. Winning Streak 3. Mixed (non-competitive)Silly and nasty.
Zia bot
5434540.61vs Terran 200. Let's Rock. vs Protoss 200. vs Zerg 50. vs Terran 50. Winning Streak 10. vs Protoss 50. Piece of Cake. Veteran. Cheese!. Winning Streak 5. Experienced. Winning Streak 3. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Student: UNISTImplementing more strats . . .
5434540.61Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)Steamhammer 0.2 by Jay Scott. SSCAIT tournament version.
Tomas Cere
4939490.56Legendary. Damn, I'm Good!. vs Protoss 500. Come Get Some. vs Zerg 500. vs Protoss 200. vs Terran 500. vs Protoss 50. vs Terran 200. vs Terran 50. vs Zerg 200. vs Zerg 50. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Let's Rock. Cheese!. Godlike. Winning Streak 10. Flower Child. Piece of Cake. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Experienced. Veteran. Mixed (non-competitive)Simple Protoss bot.
Carsten Nielsen
4741470.53Come Get Some. vs Zerg 500. vs Protoss 500. vs Terran 500. vs Zerg 200. Winning Streak 10. vs Protoss 200. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Let's Rock. vs Terran 200. Godlike. vs Zerg 50. vs Protoss 50. vs Terran 50. Piece of Cake. Cheese!. Veteran. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Student: Technical University of DenmarkSimple WIP zealot rush-bot.
Soeren Klett
4741470.53Damn, I'm Good!. Legendary. Supporter. vs Zerg 500. Come Get Some. vs Protoss 500. vs Terran 500. Godlike. Winning Streak 10. vs Protoss 200. vs Zerg 200. Veteran. Let's Rock. Cheese!. vs Terran 200. Winning Streak 5. vs Zerg 50. vs Protoss 50. vs Terran 50. Piece of Cake. Piece of Cake. Experienced. Winning Streak 3. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Flower Child. Student: University of BielefeldW.O.P.R - Bot - Monitoring and replanning
Jakub Trancik
4642460.52vs Zerg 500. Come Get Some. vs Protoss 500. vs Terran 500. vs Zerg 200. vs Protoss 200. Let's Rock. vs Terran 200. Godlike. vs Zerg 50. vs Protoss 50. Cheese!. Piece of Cake. vs Terran 50. Winning Streak 10. Winning Streak 5. Veteran. Experienced. Flower Child. Winning Streak 3. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Student: Comenius University, BratislavaSimple toss bot utilizing potential fields, with building placement trained by a genetic algorithm.
4642460.52vs Protoss 200. vs Terran 200. Let's Rock. vs Protoss 50. vs Zerg 50. Cheese!. vs Terran 50. Piece of Cake. Winning Streak 10. Godlike. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Veteran. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Student: University of Liverpool - simple 5 pooling Zerg I made to learn BWAPI.
Florian Richoux
4543450.51Damn, I'm Good!. Legendary. Supporter. vs Zerg 500. Come Get Some. vs Protoss 500. Godlike. vs Zerg 200. vs Terran 500. vs Protoss 200. Cheese!. Let's Rock. vs Terran 200. vs Zerg 50. vs Protoss 50. Winning Streak 10. vs Terran 50. Piece of Cake. Flower Child. Winning Streak 5. Veteran. Winning Streak 3. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)AIUR v2.2. Please visit for further information.
4444440.5Let's Rock. vs Protoss 200. vs Zerg 50. vs Terran 50. vs Protoss 50. Piece of Cake. Winning Streak 10. Veteran. Experienced. Winning Streak 5. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Winning Streak 3. Student: Universidade Federal de Minas GeraisA proof-of-concept bot to test strategy selection in StarCraft. Strategy is the incorporation of the behavior of another StarCraft bot. So far it can behave as Xelnaga, Skynet and NUSBot.
Aurelien Lermant
4345430.49Come Get Some. vs Protoss 500. Godlike. vs Terran 500. vs Zerg 200. vs Protoss 200. Let's Rock. vs Terran 200. vs Zerg 50. vs Protoss 50. Winning Streak 10. Cheese!. vs Terran 50. Piece of Cake. Veteran. Winning Streak 5. Experienced. Winning Streak 3. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Student: Epita, ParisGarmBot is a Macro-heavy bot, expanding rapidly to try and overwhelm the enemy with an unstopable stream of zerg units. Now with some lurkers. Big update incoming to upgrade to BWAPI 4.1.2.
Gaoyuan Chen
4147410.47vs Protoss 500. Come Get Some. Godlike. vs Zerg 500. Winning Streak 10. vs Protoss 200. vs Terran 500. vs Zerg 200. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Let's Rock. vs Terran 200. vs Zerg 50. vs Protoss 50. Veteran. Cheese!. Piece of Cake. vs Terran 50. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Student: University of Southern CaliforniaReaver with Shuttle
UPStarCraftAI 2016
3850380.43Mixed (non-competitive)Developed by team UPStarCraftAI, a group of senior computer science students at University of Portland. Our bot is a six pool zerg rush. Additional scouting is performed after defeating the enemy base in order to find hidden buildings.
3652360.41Cheese!. Winning Streak 5. Piece of Cake. vs Protoss 50. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Winning Streak 3. Mixed (non-competitive)A protoss bot made as a school project.
Matej Istenik
3553350.4Legendary. vs Zerg 500. Come Get Some. vs Protoss 500. Godlike. Cheese!. vs Terran 500. Supporter. vs Protoss 200. vs Zerg 200. Let's Rock. Flower Child. vs Terran 200. vs Protoss 50. vs Terran 50. vs Zerg 50. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Winning Streak 10. Piece of Cake. Winning Streak 5. Veteran. Winning Streak 3. Experienced. Mixed (non-competitive)Simple Terran bot based on agents, state machines and lots of ifs.
Simon Prins
2959290.33Come Get Some. vs Protoss 500. vs Zerg 500. vs Terran 500. Godlike. Winning Streak 10. Winning Streak 5. vs Protoss 200. Winning Streak 3. vs Zerg 200. Veteran. Let's Rock. vs Terran 200. vs Protoss 50. vs Zerg 50. Piece of Cake. Cheese!. vs Terran 50. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)Bot by the name of Tyr. Battlecruisers... mech... bio? What is going on!?
Nathan a David
2662260.3vs Terran 200. vs Protoss 200. Let's Rock. vs Zerg 50. Winning Streak 5. vs Protoss 50. vs Terran 50. Piece of Cake. Veteran. Winning Streak 3. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)HadesBot
2662260.3Student: SEJONG UnivRule based Bot :)
Ian Nicholas DaCosta
2662260.3vs Protoss 200. Godlike. Veteran. Let's Rock. vs Terran 200. vs Zerg 200. vs Protoss 50. Cheese!. Winning Streak 5. vs Terran 50. Winning Streak 3. vs Zerg 50. Piece of Cake. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)Disabled from scratch Zealot bot.
Johan Kayser
2464240.27Piece of Cake. vs Protoss 50. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Student: UQAMA Terran bot based on UAlbertaBot. The intent is to use some spatial reasoning for strategic decision making and to play defense until mid/late game.
2464240.27Veteran. Godlike. vs Protoss 50. vs Terran 50. Experienced. Piece of Cake. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Winning Streak 3. Student: Technical University of DenmarkProtoss bot with combined rush/tech strategy.
Aman Zargarpur
2365230.26Student: Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteFirst attempt at an AI. Rudimentary Terran bot that does a bio build.
2266220.25Let's Rock. vs Protoss 200. vs Terran 200. Experienced. vs Protoss 50. vs Zerg 50. vs Terran 50. Winning Streak 5. Piece of Cake. Cheese!. Winning Streak 3. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)OpprimoBot is the first and currently only bot in SSCAIT to play with random race! It is constructed around a modular multi-agent system to make it flexible enough to handle all three races.
2266220.25vs Protoss 50. Piece of Cake. Winning Streak 5. vs Terran 50. Experienced. Cheese!. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Winning Streak 3. Student: Dickson CollegeThe best Starcraft bot I have ever made, so you know it must be good! Kappa. Still (not really) working on it.
Oleg Ostroumov
2167210.24vs Zerg 500. vs Terran 500. vs Protoss 500. Godlike. vs Terran 200. vs Zerg 200. vs Protoss 200. Winning Streak 10. Let's Rock. Cheese!. vs Protoss 50. vs Zerg 50. vs Terran 50. Piece of Cake. Veteran. Winning Streak 5. Experienced. Flower Child. Winning Streak 3. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)1 base "Sparks" Terran play
2068200.23vs Terran 50. vs Protoss 50. Piece of Cake. Winning Streak 3. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Student: Oslo and Akershus University CollegeA very dumb bot made from scratch.
Bjorn P Mattsson
1969190.22vs Protoss 200. vs Zerg 200. Let's Rock. Supporter. vs Terran 200. Winning Streak 5. vs Protoss 50. Winning Streak 3. vs Zerg 50. vs Terran 50. Piece of Cake. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Cheese!. Student: Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, SwedenLoki_v0.13. At the moment expanding and massing zerglings. Read more at
Tommy Fang
1969190.22Student: Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteBasic Hierarchical Finite State machine combined with flocking to create a siege tank bio timing push.
Sungguk Cha
1573150.17vs Terran 50. Piece of Cake. vs Protoss 50. Experienced. Winning Streak 3. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Student: UNISTCheers!
1375130.15Mixed (non-competitive)A zerg AI focused around macro games and made by students from the University of Augsburg at the Organic Computing Institute. INDEV version
Chris Ayers
1276120.14vs Zerg 200. Let's Rock. vs Terran 200. vs Protoss 50. vs Zerg 50. vs Terran 50. Piece of Cake. Winning Streak 5. Cheese!. Winning Streak 3. Experienced. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Mixed (non-competitive)this is a tweaked bot of Adam Montgomerie moosebot all credit goes to him and ualberta still learning and testing with this. Maybe unstable! Still not undersanding! Any help is welcomed.

Individual Game Results:

OpprimoBot (Random)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-31 04:28:55
Iron bot (Terran)WuliBot (Protoss)12016-12-31 04:21:29
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-31 04:15:03
ICELab (Terran)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-31 04:04:52
Chris Coxe (Zerg)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-31 03:50:15
ICELab (Terran)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-31 03:47:36
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-31 03:39:42
tscmoop (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-31 03:34:36
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-31 03:30:32
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-31 03:21:27
Zia bot (Zerg)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-31 03:14:11
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-31 03:10:09
Matej Istenik (Terran)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-31 03:07:01
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-31 03:02:45
Sungguk Cha (Terran)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-31 02:43:00
Tomas Cere (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-31 02:37:23
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)WuliBot (Protoss)12016-12-31 02:35:00
Johan Kayser (Terran)Nathan a David (Protoss)22016-12-31 02:27:00
Johan Kayser (Terran)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-31 02:13:01
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-31 02:03:21
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-31 01:57:42
DAIDOES (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-31 01:54:17
Zia bot (Zerg)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-31 01:51:01
Zia bot (Zerg)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-31 01:48:12
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-31 01:36:04
DAIDOES (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-31 01:30:48
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)22016-12-31 01:27:43
Sungguk Cha (Terran)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-31 01:21:22
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-31 01:15:16
Chris Ayers (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-31 01:10:11
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-31 01:02:22
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-31 00:55:49
MegaBot (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-31 00:44:03
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-31 00:25:24
Nathan a David (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-31 00:15:55
ICELab (Terran)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-31 00:12:52
OpprimoBot (Random)AwesomeBot (Protoss)22016-12-31 00:06:13
Flash (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-30 23:59:35
DAIDOES (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-30 23:55:14
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-30 23:45:29
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-30 23:42:16
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-30 23:39:41
WuliBot (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)12016-12-30 23:36:48
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-30 23:31:31
auxanic (Zerg)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-30 23:26:55
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-30 23:22:29
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-30 23:16:21
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-30 23:08:47
Tommy Fang (Terran)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-30 23:05:09
ICELab (Terran)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-30 22:57:29
JompaBot (Terran)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-30 22:47:59
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-30 22:42:12
BeeBot (Terran)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-30 22:37:55
Simon Prins (Terran)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-30 22:28:52
Soeren Klett (Terran)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-30 22:25:40
krasi0 (Terran)ICELab (Terran)12016-12-30 22:15:40
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-30 22:00:25
Nathan a David (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-30 21:54:27
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-30 21:47:44
Marian Devecka (Zerg)tscmoop (Protoss)12016-12-30 21:40:54
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-30 21:35:27
Simon Prins (Terran)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-30 21:31:00
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-30 21:27:55
XelnagaII (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-30 21:20:02
WuliBot (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-30 21:09:23
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-30 20:52:34
Soeren Klett (Terran)XelnagaII (Protoss)22016-12-30 20:45:38
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-30 20:40:30
Bereaver (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-30 20:34:10
Bereaver (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-30 20:28:37
DAIDOES (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-30 20:23:38
ICELab (Terran)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-30 20:17:36
krasi0 (Terran)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-30 20:11:01
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-30 20:03:56
OpprimoBot (Random)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)22016-12-30 19:53:01
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Chris Ayers (Protoss)22016-12-30 19:49:02
JompaBot (Terran)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-30 19:40:02
BeeBot (Terran)Andrew Smith (Protoss)12016-12-30 19:37:37
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-30 19:26:35
Chris Ayers (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)22016-12-30 19:21:01
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-30 19:11:37
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-30 19:03:22
Tommy Fang (Terran)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-30 18:54:38
Tommy Fang (Terran)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-30 18:45:40
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-30 18:42:20
Matej Istenik (Terran)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-30 18:39:56
Iron bot (Terran)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-30 18:32:30
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-30 18:26:51
Zia bot (Zerg)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-30 18:20:38
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-30 18:13:46
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-30 18:03:01
BeeBot (Terran)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-30 17:49:52
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-30 17:40:31
Tomas Cere (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-30 17:27:08
Steamhammer (Zerg)Johan Kayser (Terran)22016-12-30 17:18:23
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-30 17:06:20
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)12016-12-30 16:57:41
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-30 16:53:29
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)12016-12-30 16:45:40
Marian Devecka (Zerg)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-30 16:32:04
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-30 16:25:40
XelnagaII (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-30 16:22:10
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-30 16:14:41
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-30 16:09:06
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-30 15:59:27
Zia bot (Zerg)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-30 15:48:35
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)22016-12-30 15:41:08
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-30 15:38:56
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Iron bot (Terran)12016-12-30 15:32:59
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-30 15:11:31
tscmoop (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-30 15:08:02
Flash (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-30 14:58:24
Bereaver (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-30 14:53:20
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-30 14:46:37
Nathan a David (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-30 14:37:40
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-30 14:29:03
Nathan a David (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-30 14:19:28
BeeBot (Terran)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-30 14:13:42
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-30 14:07:00
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-30 14:02:25
auxanic (Zerg)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-30 13:57:38
Dave Churchill (Random)OpprimoBot (Random)22016-12-30 13:54:34
krasi0 (Terran)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-30 13:39:48
krasi0 (Terran)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-30 13:31:33
Soeren Klett (Terran)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-30 13:23:00
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)22016-12-30 13:10:30
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Marian Devecka (Zerg)12016-12-30 13:08:18
krasi0 (Terran)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-30 12:56:06
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-30 12:49:47
tscmoop (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-30 12:23:05
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-30 12:14:34
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)XelnagaII (Protoss)22016-12-30 12:03:08
tscmoop (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-30 11:53:22
tscmoop (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-30 11:39:55
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-30 11:31:33
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-30 11:24:36
Simon Prins (Terran)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-30 11:16:13
Johan Kayser (Terran)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-30 11:06:44
Dave Churchill (Random)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-30 10:59:16
Tommy Fang (Terran)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-30 10:52:59
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-30 10:43:48
Flash (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-30 10:41:37
Flash (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-30 09:48:02
OpprimoBot (Random)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-30 09:43:56
Iron bot (Terran)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-30 09:33:50
Simon Prins (Terran)XelnagaII (Protoss)22016-12-30 09:27:28
DAIDOES (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-30 09:17:58
Steamhammer (Zerg)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-30 09:13:01
Iron bot (Terran)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-30 09:07:02
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-30 09:01:49
krasi0 (Terran)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-30 08:56:33
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-30 08:48:03
OpprimoBot (Random)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-30 08:42:02
JompaBot (Terran)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-30 08:33:14
OpprimoBot (Random)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-30 08:29:28
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-30 08:05:15
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)22016-12-30 07:52:57
Bereaver (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-30 07:39:09
auxanic (Zerg)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-30 07:30:13
Soeren Klett (Terran)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-30 07:26:32
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-30 07:16:50
Chris Coxe (Zerg)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-30 07:09:27
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-30 07:06:23
Soeren Klett (Terran)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-30 06:53:55
Tommy Fang (Terran)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-30 06:42:47
Nathan a David (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-30 06:40:29
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-30 06:35:35
Simon Prins (Terran)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-30 06:15:52
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-30 06:11:31
Iron bot (Terran)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-30 05:50:14
krasi0 (Terran)Steamhammer (Zerg)12016-12-30 05:31:28
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-30 05:21:21
BeeBot (Terran)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-30 05:13:26
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-30 05:05:42
WuliBot (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)12016-12-30 04:59:36
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-30 04:51:24
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-30 04:41:38
Tommy Fang (Terran)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-30 04:36:38
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)12016-12-30 04:30:55
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)22016-12-30 04:24:02
Steamhammer (Zerg)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-30 04:18:31
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-30 04:04:11
Bereaver (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-30 03:57:35
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-30 03:45:22
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-30 03:39:51
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-30 03:36:25
Soeren Klett (Terran)Andrew Smith (Protoss)12016-12-30 03:31:38
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-30 03:15:05
Simon Prins (Terran)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-30 03:06:54
Dave Churchill (Random)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-30 03:00:10
Tommy Fang (Terran)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-30 02:55:52
MegaBot (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-30 02:49:53
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-30 02:46:30
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-30 02:38:02
auxanic (Zerg)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-30 02:20:00
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-30 02:18:04
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-30 02:05:40
ICELab (Terran)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-30 01:58:08
Johan Kayser (Terran)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-30 01:50:55
Nathan a David (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-30 01:44:28
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-30 01:38:57
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-30 01:31:18
MegaBot (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-30 01:20:26
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-30 01:11:03
Andrew Smith (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-30 01:07:10
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-30 00:56:49
JompaBot (Terran)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-30 00:43:42
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-30 00:38:53
Soeren Klett (Terran)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-30 00:32:20
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-30 00:21:25
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-30 00:13:04
Matej Istenik (Terran)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-30 00:07:45
krasi0 (Terran)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-29 23:59:25
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-29 23:49:19
OpprimoBot (Random)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-29 23:41:53
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-29 23:30:35
tscmoop (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-29 23:23:28
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Andrew Smith (Protoss)12016-12-29 23:16:15
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)ICELab (Terran)12016-12-29 22:56:35
BeeBot (Terran)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-29 22:43:30
Zia bot (Zerg)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-29 22:37:31
XelnagaII (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-29 22:33:32
AwesomeBot (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-29 22:30:54
Iron bot (Terran)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-29 22:13:09
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-29 22:07:36
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-29 22:05:29
Zia bot (Zerg)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-29 22:02:07
Simon Prins (Terran)Nathan a David (Protoss)22016-12-29 21:56:42
BeeBot (Terran)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-29 21:54:18
tscmoop (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)12016-12-29 21:37:44
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-29 21:30:15
XelnagaII (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-29 21:24:33
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-29 21:21:26
Bereaver (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)12016-12-29 21:13:26
DAIDOES (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-29 21:04:37
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-29 21:00:11
OpprimoBot (Random)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-29 20:52:58
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)JompaBot (Terran)22016-12-29 20:47:45
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-29 20:42:29
PeregrineBot (Zerg)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-29 20:39:01
Iron bot (Terran)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-29 20:30:47
MegaBot (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-29 20:28:37
Zia bot (Zerg)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-29 20:20:33
BeeBot (Terran)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-29 20:14:52
Marian Devecka (Zerg)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-29 20:05:52
krasi0 (Terran)Chris Coxe (Zerg)12016-12-29 20:01:30
Dave Churchill (Random)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-29 19:54:44
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-29 19:50:37
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-29 19:43:05
XelnagaII (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-29 19:38:34
JompaBot (Terran)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-29 19:36:03
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-29 19:33:53
krasi0 (Terran)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-29 19:28:14
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-29 19:19:41
Matej Istenik (Terran)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-29 19:14:27
Sungguk Cha (Terran)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-29 19:08:24
Simon Prins (Terran)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-29 19:04:14
Johan Kayser (Terran)AwesomeBot (Protoss)22016-12-29 19:01:05
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-29 18:51:23
Simon Prins (Terran)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-29 18:32:45
Sungguk Cha (Terran)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-29 18:25:27
Bereaver (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-29 18:14:52
WuliBot (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-29 18:10:31
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-29 18:06:47
MegaBot (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-29 18:00:09
Chris Ayers (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-29 17:55:00
krasi0 (Terran)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-29 17:48:46
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)22016-12-29 17:39:02
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)22016-12-29 17:29:43
Steamhammer (Zerg)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-29 17:23:38
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-29 17:19:50
Simon Prins (Terran)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-29 17:03:27
Johan Kayser (Terran)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-29 16:55:50
Steamhammer (Zerg)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-29 16:52:48
Steamhammer (Zerg)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-29 16:47:29
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-29 16:42:25
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)krasi0 (Terran)12016-12-29 16:31:21
Dave Churchill (Random)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-29 16:28:44
tscmoop (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-29 16:20:06
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-29 16:14:50
Flash (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-29 16:07:45
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-29 16:01:19
Soeren Klett (Terran)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-29 15:55:27
Dave Churchill (Random)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-29 15:43:11
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-29 15:36:11
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-29 15:34:03
BeeBot (Terran)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-29 15:18:13
Andrew Smith (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-29 15:08:13
Dave Churchill (Random)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-29 15:03:42
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-29 14:59:40
OpprimoBot (Random)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-29 14:49:57
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-29 14:46:14
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-29 14:42:36
Simon Prins (Terran)OpprimoBot (Random)22016-12-29 14:29:42
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-29 14:26:28
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-29 14:19:57
Bereaver (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-29 14:13:26
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-29 14:02:57
MegaBot (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-29 13:56:28
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-29 13:50:47
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-29 13:40:03
Dave Churchill (Random)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-29 13:37:54
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-29 13:32:38
Florian Richoux (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)12016-12-29 13:26:55
Matej Istenik (Terran)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-29 13:20:45
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-29 13:04:26
Soeren Klett (Terran)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-29 12:45:37
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-29 12:25:56
Sungguk Cha (Terran)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-29 12:23:08
WuliBot (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-29 12:18:52
Nathan a David (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-29 12:13:37
Iron bot (Terran)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-29 12:05:32
Soeren Klett (Terran)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-29 11:59:24
AwesomeBot (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-29 11:55:33
Steamhammer (Zerg)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-29 11:47:30
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-29 11:43:09
Soeren Klett (Terran)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-29 11:34:16
Matej Istenik (Terran)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-29 11:24:52
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-29 11:09:49
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-29 11:05:12
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-29 11:00:28
Zia bot (Zerg)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-29 10:55:28
Johan Kayser (Terran)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-29 10:49:16
ICELab (Terran)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-29 10:32:04
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-29 10:20:11
AwesomeBot (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-29 10:09:28
OpprimoBot (Random)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-29 10:03:31
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-29 09:56:23
Andrew Smith (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-29 09:51:04
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-29 09:42:31
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Johan Kayser (Terran)22016-12-29 09:39:04
Tommy Fang (Terran)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)22016-12-29 09:28:02
Sijia Xu (Zerg)WuliBot (Protoss)12016-12-29 09:21:04
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-29 09:13:41
Nathan a David (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-29 09:10:52
Nathan a David (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-29 09:06:50
Dave Churchill (Random)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-29 09:00:56
AwesomeBot (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)22016-12-29 08:56:07
ICELab (Terran)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-29 08:46:23
Bereaver (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-29 08:41:59
JompaBot (Terran)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-29 08:36:06
Johan Kayser (Terran)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-29 08:30:10
Tommy Fang (Terran)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)22016-12-29 08:20:52
Zia bot (Zerg)tscmoop (Protoss)12016-12-29 08:10:39
WuliBot (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-29 08:05:42
Simon Prins (Terran)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-29 08:01:46
auxanic (Zerg)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-29 07:50:30
MegaBot (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-29 07:43:38
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)22016-12-29 07:39:16
Matej Istenik (Terran)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-29 07:26:22
Andrew Smith (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-29 07:23:26
Dave Churchill (Random)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-29 07:18:02
Johan Kayser (Terran)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-29 07:12:40
Steamhammer (Zerg)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-29 06:59:32
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-29 06:47:52
Soeren Klett (Terran)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-29 06:41:29
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-29 06:35:48
DAIDOES (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-29 06:33:11
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-29 06:28:26
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-29 06:26:03
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-29 06:21:06
OpprimoBot (Random)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-29 06:15:21
Zia bot (Zerg)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-29 06:10:22
Matej Istenik (Terran)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-29 06:07:15
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-29 06:00:30
OpprimoBot (Random)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-29 05:56:25
BeeBot (Terran)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-29 05:44:19
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-29 05:31:03
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-29 05:25:42
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-29 05:20:34
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-29 05:09:43
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-29 05:05:44
MegaBot (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-29 05:01:01
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-29 04:47:59
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-29 04:41:10
Nathan a David (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-29 04:38:05
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-29 04:34:59
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-29 04:31:53
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Johan Kayser (Terran)22016-12-29 04:15:19
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-29 04:10:53
Tomas Cere (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-29 04:02:58
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-29 03:59:50
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)22016-12-29 03:55:59
Johan Kayser (Terran)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-29 03:22:30
Soeren Klett (Terran)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-29 03:14:02
Steamhammer (Zerg)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-29 03:09:59
Matej Istenik (Terran)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-29 03:06:21
Florian Richoux (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-29 03:00:20
Andrew Smith (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-29 02:55:50
Chris Coxe (Zerg)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-29 02:46:10
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-29 02:43:34
Steamhammer (Zerg)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-29 02:34:25
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-29 02:27:03
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-29 02:19:02
JompaBot (Terran)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-29 02:11:46
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-29 02:08:47
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-29 02:02:57
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-29 02:00:45
JompaBot (Terran)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-29 01:55:36
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-29 01:49:45
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-29 01:43:13
Flash (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)22016-12-29 01:39:18
Chris Ayers (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-29 01:34:21
Sungguk Cha (Terran)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-29 01:27:52
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-29 01:22:41
auxanic (Zerg)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-29 01:17:30
BeeBot (Terran)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)22016-12-29 01:07:45
Iron bot (Terran)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-29 01:01:24
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-29 00:54:58
Dave Churchill (Random)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-29 00:33:30
Andrew Smith (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-29 00:31:34
Chris Ayers (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-29 00:28:30
Dave Churchill (Random)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-29 00:18:09
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-29 00:13:48
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-29 00:02:46
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-28 23:41:15
Steamhammer (Zerg)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-28 23:38:33
tscmoop (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-28 23:29:28
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-28 23:17:06
Bereaver (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-28 23:12:30
Tommy Fang (Terran)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-28 23:02:01
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-28 22:55:03
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-28 22:44:32
ICELab (Terran)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-28 22:39:09
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-28 22:27:20
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Sungguk Cha (Terran)22016-12-28 22:21:17
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-28 22:06:15
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-28 22:03:45
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-28 21:58:41
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-28 21:53:19
MegaBot (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-28 21:48:44
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-28 21:43:35
Matej Istenik (Terran)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-28 21:39:11
Simon Prins (Terran)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-28 21:33:00
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-28 21:29:52
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-28 21:22:17
XelnagaII (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-28 21:17:12
Simon Prins (Terran)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-28 21:07:12
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-28 21:00:58
XelnagaII (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-28 20:58:45
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)22016-12-28 20:45:35
XelnagaII (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-28 20:22:26
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-28 20:11:07
Sijia Xu (Zerg)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-28 20:07:11
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)22016-12-28 19:56:29
MegaBot (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-28 19:48:19
Johan Kayser (Terran)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-28 19:39:36
MegaBot (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-28 19:30:49
JompaBot (Terran)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-28 19:20:29
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-28 19:10:25
Iron bot (Terran)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-28 19:02:16
WuliBot (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-28 18:53:51
auxanic (Zerg)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)22016-12-28 18:49:43
WuliBot (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-28 18:39:38
Marian Devecka (Zerg)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-28 18:35:28
Flash (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-28 18:30:58
Dave Churchill (Random)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-28 18:23:45
Sungguk Cha (Terran)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-28 18:19:32
Dave Churchill (Random)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-28 18:11:14
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-28 18:08:23
Flash (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-28 18:02:25
Tommy Fang (Terran)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-28 17:55:55
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-28 17:46:11
DAIDOES (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-28 17:26:30
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-28 17:15:37
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-28 17:09:44
Zia bot (Zerg)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-28 17:01:47
krasi0 (Terran)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-28 16:52:57
Zia bot (Zerg)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-28 16:44:00
ICELab (Terran)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-28 16:36:33
Bereaver (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-28 16:23:43
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-28 16:15:25
Sijia Xu (Zerg)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-28 16:12:31
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-28 16:02:43
ICELab (Terran)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-28 15:52:26
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Johan Kayser (Terran)22016-12-28 15:38:15
OpprimoBot (Random)JompaBot (Terran)22016-12-28 15:32:10
Soeren Klett (Terran)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-28 15:26:46
Tomas Cere (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-28 15:20:26
Simon Prins (Terran)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-28 15:13:53
OpprimoBot (Random)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-28 15:10:45
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-28 14:59:53
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-28 14:39:08
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-28 14:33:58
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-28 14:31:50
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Steamhammer (Zerg)12016-12-28 14:12:45
Tomas Cere (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-28 14:03:45
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-28 13:51:02
DAIDOES (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)22016-12-28 13:41:49
Soeren Klett (Terran)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-28 13:30:21
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-28 13:18:32
auxanic (Zerg)Sungguk Cha (Terran)22016-12-28 13:08:03
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-28 12:56:29
Nathan a David (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-28 12:48:28
JompaBot (Terran)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-28 12:42:19
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-28 12:37:30
Tommy Fang (Terran)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-28 12:33:46
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-28 12:28:12
MegaBot (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-28 12:24:25
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-28 12:10:06
WuliBot (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-28 11:59:21
Flash (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-28 11:35:03
Steamhammer (Zerg)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-28 11:29:07
Sungguk Cha (Terran)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-28 11:17:24
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-28 11:09:15
Steamhammer (Zerg)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-28 11:03:40
Soeren Klett (Terran)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-28 10:57:56
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-28 10:44:25
Matej Istenik (Terran)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-28 10:36:45
ICELab (Terran)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-28 10:29:34
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-28 10:26:00
tscmoop (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-28 10:20:34
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-28 10:15:56
Flash (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-28 10:05:49
Zia bot (Zerg)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-28 09:54:42
JompaBot (Terran)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-28 09:50:26
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-28 09:38:56
Zia bot (Zerg)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-28 09:29:43
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)22016-12-28 09:25:54
Bereaver (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-28 09:20:08
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-28 09:13:22
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-28 09:09:12
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-28 08:56:32
Dave Churchill (Random)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-28 08:48:29
BeeBot (Terran)ICELab (Terran)12016-12-28 08:45:11
Nathan a David (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-28 08:27:14
Simon Prins (Terran)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-28 08:20:26
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-28 08:14:17
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-28 08:04:33
Dave Churchill (Random)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-28 07:59:31
Zia bot (Zerg)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-28 07:45:59
MegaBot (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-28 07:32:02
Tomas Cere (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-28 07:25:34
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-28 07:21:07
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)22016-12-28 07:09:12
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Tommy Fang (Terran)22016-12-28 06:43:18
MegaBot (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-28 06:27:22
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-28 06:21:35
OpprimoBot (Random)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-28 06:12:26
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-28 06:05:13
krasi0 (Terran)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-28 06:02:03
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-28 05:52:54
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-28 05:50:46
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-28 05:42:38
Dave Churchill (Random)Marian Devecka (Zerg)12016-12-28 05:27:02
Simon Prins (Terran)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-28 05:20:54
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-28 05:16:26
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Iron bot (Terran)12016-12-28 05:10:25
krasi0 (Terran)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)12016-12-28 05:00:27
Flash (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-28 04:46:02
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-28 04:39:01
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-28 04:34:05
Simon Prins (Terran)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-28 04:25:19
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-28 04:17:09
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)22016-12-28 04:10:12
tscmoop (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-28 03:58:11
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-28 03:50:19
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-28 03:46:03
Chris Coxe (Zerg)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-28 03:36:17
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-28 03:21:44
ICELab (Terran)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-28 03:11:43
Simon Prins (Terran)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-28 02:53:44
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-28 02:46:54
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-28 02:42:12
Soeren Klett (Terran)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-28 02:35:42
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-28 02:26:29
MegaBot (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-28 02:19:53
JompaBot (Terran)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-28 02:12:42
Steamhammer (Zerg)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-28 02:07:19
krasi0 (Terran)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-28 02:01:48
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-28 01:56:55
ICELab (Terran)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-28 01:43:15
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Chris Ayers (Protoss)22016-12-28 01:33:28
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Chris Coxe (Zerg)12016-12-28 01:29:51
MegaBot (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-28 01:16:12
auxanic (Zerg)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-28 00:58:00
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-28 00:50:20
PeregrineBot (Zerg)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-28 00:44:58
Bereaver (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-28 00:39:52
Flash (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-28 00:30:51
Sijia Xu (Zerg)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-28 00:22:56
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-28 00:17:16
krasi0 (Terran)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-28 00:09:13
ICELab (Terran)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-27 23:59:08
krasi0 (Terran)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-27 23:49:28
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-27 23:41:29
BeeBot (Terran)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-27 23:33:54
Steamhammer (Zerg)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-27 23:27:49
Bereaver (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-27 23:21:50
Chris Coxe (Zerg)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-27 23:14:01
Zia bot (Zerg)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-27 23:02:31
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)AwesomeBot (Protoss)22016-12-27 22:55:46
WuliBot (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-27 22:53:36
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-27 22:37:56
Bereaver (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-27 22:17:09
Dave Churchill (Random)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-27 22:12:27
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-27 22:02:28
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-27 21:58:56
Flash (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-27 21:55:39
MegaBot (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-27 21:46:04
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-27 21:39:33
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-27 21:34:45
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)12016-12-27 21:32:06
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-27 21:22:59
DAIDOES (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-27 21:17:22
ICELab (Terran)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-27 21:10:49
Matej Istenik (Terran)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-27 21:03:47
Matej Istenik (Terran)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-27 20:57:36
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-27 20:53:56
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Sungguk Cha (Terran)22016-12-27 20:44:32
Tomas Cere (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-27 20:41:56
Bereaver (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)12016-12-27 20:31:25
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-27 20:18:10
Simon Prins (Terran)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-27 20:05:12
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-27 20:01:27
Simon Prins (Terran)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-27 19:53:02
Zia bot (Zerg)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-27 19:49:56
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-27 19:46:48
Tommy Fang (Terran)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-27 19:39:18
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)22016-12-27 19:30:00
Johan Kayser (Terran)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-27 19:24:45
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-27 19:19:11
Nathan a David (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-27 19:10:06
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-27 19:06:41
Nathan a David (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-27 19:03:20
krasi0 (Terran)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-27 18:56:49
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-27 18:46:24
WuliBot (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-27 18:41:02
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-27 18:37:27
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-27 18:30:44
JompaBot (Terran)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-27 18:19:38
Iron bot (Terran)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-27 18:09:23
Matej Istenik (Terran)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-27 18:01:40
Nathan a David (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-27 17:57:50
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-27 17:50:18
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-27 17:46:13
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)22016-12-27 17:36:50
tscmoop (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-27 17:30:58
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-27 17:23:41
Soeren Klett (Terran)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-27 17:17:31
AwesomeBot (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-27 17:11:29
Zia bot (Zerg)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-27 16:56:43
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-27 16:53:09
Soeren Klett (Terran)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-27 16:48:03
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-27 16:32:23
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-27 16:23:56
WuliBot (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)22016-12-27 16:16:31
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-27 16:04:27
Steamhammer (Zerg)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-27 15:58:37
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-27 15:53:29
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-27 15:49:12
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-27 15:40:02
Simon Prins (Terran)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-27 15:37:54
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-27 15:20:17
ICELab (Terran)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)22016-12-27 15:18:11
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-27 15:08:55
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-27 15:00:31
JompaBot (Terran)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-27 14:54:10
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Chris Coxe (Zerg)12016-12-27 14:47:46
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-27 14:42:05
Simon Prins (Terran)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-27 14:39:28
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)OpprimoBot (Random)22016-12-27 14:36:21
WuliBot (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-27 14:26:20
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-27 14:19:51
Soeren Klett (Terran)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-27 14:15:50
MegaBot (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-27 14:10:24
DAIDOES (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-27 14:06:00
MegaBot (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-27 14:01:56
XelnagaII (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-27 13:53:25
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-27 13:46:37
Simon Prins (Terran)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-27 13:31:28
BeeBot (Terran)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-27 13:22:01
JompaBot (Terran)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-27 13:16:46
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-27 13:12:09
OpprimoBot (Random)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-27 13:05:37
Soeren Klett (Terran)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-27 13:01:21
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)22016-12-27 12:55:37
Iron bot (Terran)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-27 12:46:49
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-27 12:41:35
OpprimoBot (Random)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-27 12:34:18
MegaBot (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-27 12:29:45
Iron bot (Terran)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-27 12:24:22
krasi0 (Terran)tscmoop (Protoss)12016-12-27 12:18:49
Nathan a David (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-27 11:59:45
auxanic (Zerg)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-27 11:51:24
auxanic (Zerg)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-27 11:35:51
Iron bot (Terran)ICELab (Terran)12016-12-27 11:22:29
Simon Prins (Terran)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-27 11:10:06
Steamhammer (Zerg)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-27 11:06:55
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-27 11:01:31
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-27 10:54:28
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-27 10:46:02
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-27 10:40:24
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-27 10:30:26
Flash (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-27 10:21:50
auxanic (Zerg)XelnagaII (Protoss)22016-12-27 10:11:56
Simon Prins (Terran)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)22016-12-27 10:06:04
tscmoop (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-27 09:56:20
Zia bot (Zerg)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-27 09:45:17
PeregrineBot (Zerg)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-27 09:38:23
XelnagaII (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-27 09:31:02
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)22016-12-27 09:23:13
Simon Prins (Terran)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-27 09:14:03
Sijia Xu (Zerg)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-27 09:10:41
Chris Coxe (Zerg)WuliBot (Protoss)12016-12-27 09:03:33
auxanic (Zerg)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-27 08:56:31
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-27 08:52:07
Dave Churchill (Random)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)12016-12-27 08:45:52
MegaBot (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-27 08:18:34
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-27 07:59:54
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-27 07:54:49
Matej Istenik (Terran)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-27 07:47:52
Iron bot (Terran)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-27 07:37:42
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-27 07:26:20
Johan Kayser (Terran)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-27 07:21:00
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-27 07:08:34
BeeBot (Terran)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-27 07:01:35
Zia bot (Zerg)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-27 06:47:51
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-27 06:44:10
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-27 06:36:46
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-27 06:31:49
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)22016-12-27 06:23:34
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)12016-12-27 06:21:35
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-27 06:10:13
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-27 06:03:55
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-27 05:58:48
DAIDOES (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-27 05:53:39
Tomas Cere (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-27 05:40:17
Matej Istenik (Terran)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-27 05:30:48
Matej Istenik (Terran)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-27 05:26:01
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-27 05:13:01
Johan Kayser (Terran)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-27 05:09:32
Dave Churchill (Random)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-27 04:53:53
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-27 04:46:14
Flash (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-27 04:38:57
DAIDOES (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-27 04:31:13
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-27 04:09:13
PeregrineBot (Zerg)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-27 03:59:34
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-27 03:36:38
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-27 03:29:46
Nathan a David (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-27 03:10:08
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-27 03:04:38
krasi0 (Terran)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-27 02:58:43
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-27 02:49:02
Steamhammer (Zerg)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-27 02:25:24
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-27 02:20:04
XelnagaII (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-27 02:15:27
Marian Devecka (Zerg)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-27 02:04:09
BeeBot (Terran)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-27 01:48:47
Matej Istenik (Terran)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-27 01:43:15
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-27 01:32:25
Florian Richoux (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-27 01:24:38
Sungguk Cha (Terran)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-27 01:18:05
Andrew Smith (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-27 01:00:21
AwesomeBot (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)22016-12-27 00:48:53
Tommy Fang (Terran)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-27 00:40:21
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-27 00:23:49
Dave Churchill (Random)Steamhammer (Zerg)12016-12-27 00:17:32
Flash (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-27 00:08:09
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-26 23:57:36
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-26 23:54:10
ICELab (Terran)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-26 23:46:53
Zia bot (Zerg)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-26 23:28:52
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-26 23:20:44
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-26 23:10:41
auxanic (Zerg)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-26 23:03:53
Matej Istenik (Terran)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-26 23:01:44
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-26 22:53:34
BeeBot (Terran)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-26 22:46:56
JompaBot (Terran)Nathan a David (Protoss)22016-12-26 22:42:22
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-26 22:36:04
MegaBot (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-26 22:23:19
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-26 22:17:58
Bereaver (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-26 22:05:26
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-26 21:56:28
MegaBot (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)12016-12-26 21:46:11
DAIDOES (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-26 21:31:19
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-26 21:21:46
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-26 21:14:08
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-26 21:06:33
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-26 20:47:13
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-26 20:42:33
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-26 20:38:09
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-26 20:29:41
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-26 20:24:15
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-26 20:17:35
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)22016-12-26 20:06:40
Iron bot (Terran)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-26 19:53:41
OpprimoBot (Random)Sungguk Cha (Terran)22016-12-26 19:45:40
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-26 19:25:09
Nathan a David (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-26 19:20:44
Bereaver (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-26 19:12:51
Florian Richoux (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-26 19:10:48
Tommy Fang (Terran)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-26 18:59:55
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-26 18:46:55
JompaBot (Terran)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-26 18:42:07
Flash (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-26 18:35:29
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-26 18:30:00
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-26 18:22:15
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-26 18:15:09
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-26 18:08:07
Nathan a David (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-26 17:53:45
PeregrineBot (Zerg)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-26 17:47:43
MegaBot (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-26 17:38:53
Steamhammer (Zerg)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-26 17:30:32
Zia bot (Zerg)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-26 17:25:31
MegaBot (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-26 17:13:13
Tomas Cere (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-26 17:05:06
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-26 16:52:33
JompaBot (Terran)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-26 16:38:47
PeregrineBot (Zerg)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-26 16:28:36
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-26 16:00:29
Flash (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-26 15:51:22
OpprimoBot (Random)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-26 15:33:36
Tommy Fang (Terran)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-26 15:25:35
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-26 15:18:07
krasi0 (Terran)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-26 15:13:00
WuliBot (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-26 15:03:49
DAIDOES (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-26 14:57:19
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-26 14:43:11
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-26 14:33:46
tscmoop (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-26 14:31:31
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-26 14:24:57
OpprimoBot (Random)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-26 14:18:39
Flash (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)12016-12-26 14:11:23
Flash (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-26 14:02:27
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-26 13:55:46
Iron bot (Terran)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-26 13:50:04
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)22016-12-26 13:44:22
Dave Churchill (Random)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-26 13:36:58
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-26 13:28:03
auxanic (Zerg)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)22016-12-26 13:24:59
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-26 13:18:24
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)auxanic (Zerg)22016-12-26 12:55:59
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-26 12:51:48
BeeBot (Terran)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-26 12:40:06
Johan Kayser (Terran)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-26 12:30:59
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-26 12:20:20
WuliBot (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-26 12:16:11
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-26 12:10:50
Bereaver (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)12016-12-26 12:05:01
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-26 11:58:00
Flash (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-26 11:51:29
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-26 11:32:56
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-26 11:24:15
Nathan a David (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-26 11:16:04
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-26 11:11:57
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-26 11:04:53
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-26 10:54:43
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-26 10:48:06
XelnagaII (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-26 10:45:09
JompaBot (Terran)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-26 10:36:02
auxanic (Zerg)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-26 10:29:33
krasi0 (Terran)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-26 10:26:43
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-26 10:12:51
Iron bot (Terran)Bereaver (Protoss)12016-12-26 10:07:41
Simon Prins (Terran)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-26 10:00:39
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-26 09:57:29
OpprimoBot (Random)Tommy Fang (Terran)22016-12-26 09:52:09
Florian Richoux (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-26 09:46:03
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-26 09:39:34
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-26 09:23:37
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-26 09:21:22
DAIDOES (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-26 09:19:01
Steamhammer (Zerg)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-26 09:07:39
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-26 09:01:32
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-26 08:54:00
Zia bot (Zerg)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-26 08:48:04
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-26 08:45:05
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-26 08:39:26
BeeBot (Terran)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-26 08:33:26
auxanic (Zerg)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-26 08:18:11
Iron bot (Terran)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-26 08:01:26
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-26 07:55:09
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-26 07:49:09
tscmoop (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-26 07:44:27
Dave Churchill (Random)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-26 07:37:36
Steamhammer (Zerg)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-26 07:34:51
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)12016-12-26 07:30:55
JompaBot (Terran)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-26 07:21:37
Dave Churchill (Random)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-26 07:18:03
DAIDOES (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-26 07:12:41
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Steamhammer (Zerg)12016-12-26 07:07:18
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)22016-12-26 07:03:23
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-26 06:54:42
PeregrineBot (Zerg)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-26 06:51:18
ICELab (Terran)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-26 06:45:01
Simon Prins (Terran)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-26 06:37:12
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-26 06:28:39
Matej Istenik (Terran)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-26 06:26:23
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-26 06:22:33
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-26 06:19:27
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-26 06:03:34
XelnagaII (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-26 05:58:18
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-26 05:48:34
Matej Istenik (Terran)JompaBot (Terran)22016-12-26 05:41:26
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-26 05:33:25
krasi0 (Terran)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-26 05:15:43
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-26 05:03:32
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-26 04:58:16
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-26 04:49:34
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-26 04:43:22
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-26 04:40:06
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-26 04:30:58
Iron bot (Terran)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-26 04:22:08
Iron bot (Terran)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-26 04:16:19
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-26 04:08:26
Johan Kayser (Terran)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-26 04:03:15
Zia bot (Zerg)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-26 03:47:32
Dave Churchill (Random)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-26 03:40:30
WuliBot (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-26 03:37:42
Dave Churchill (Random)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-26 03:31:47
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-26 03:28:08
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-26 03:18:08
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-26 03:05:43
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-26 02:58:51
ICELab (Terran)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-26 02:52:28
Soeren Klett (Terran)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-26 02:32:53
DAIDOES (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-26 02:23:18
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-26 02:18:59
Bereaver (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-26 02:03:19
auxanic (Zerg)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-26 01:56:36
XelnagaII (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-26 01:52:05
Steamhammer (Zerg)ICELab (Terran)12016-12-26 01:34:04
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-26 01:23:54
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-26 01:14:14
Andrew Smith (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-26 01:08:03
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-26 00:58:04
Iron bot (Terran)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-26 00:46:54
Chris Coxe (Zerg)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-26 00:42:10
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-26 00:39:44
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-26 00:32:51
Tommy Fang (Terran)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-26 00:28:34
Soeren Klett (Terran)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-26 00:23:39
BeeBot (Terran)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-26 00:16:48
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-26 00:04:36
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-25 23:54:15
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-25 23:33:20
DAIDOES (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-25 23:24:45
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-25 23:21:04
Bereaver (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)12016-12-25 23:12:34
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-25 23:06:38
tscmoop (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-25 23:03:39
Sungguk Cha (Terran)AwesomeBot (Protoss)22016-12-25 22:55:52
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-25 22:46:19
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-25 22:41:49
BeeBot (Terran)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-25 22:38:53
BeeBot (Terran)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-25 22:30:00
BeeBot (Terran)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-25 22:15:41
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)22016-12-25 22:03:21
Matej Istenik (Terran)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-25 21:55:59
auxanic (Zerg)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-25 21:46:57
Johan Kayser (Terran)Tommy Fang (Terran)22016-12-25 21:43:49
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-25 21:34:08
Chris Ayers (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-25 21:30:22
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-25 21:23:05
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-25 21:13:51
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-25 21:07:49
DAIDOES (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-25 20:57:32
Chris Ayers (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)22016-12-25 20:51:37
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-25 20:45:03
Dave Churchill (Random)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-25 20:42:25
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-25 20:37:47
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-25 20:34:41
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-25 20:28:50
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-25 20:22:45
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-25 20:18:17
Zia bot (Zerg)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-25 20:13:01
Zia bot (Zerg)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-25 20:01:30
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-25 19:55:22
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-25 19:48:39
Tommy Fang (Terran)Nathan a David (Protoss)22016-12-25 19:41:37
XelnagaII (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-25 19:30:33
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-25 19:19:23
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-25 19:09:02
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-25 18:59:26
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-25 18:53:22
ICELab (Terran)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-25 18:45:09
PeregrineBot (Zerg)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-25 18:37:09
WuliBot (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-25 18:29:09
Tommy Fang (Terran)AwesomeBot (Protoss)22016-12-25 18:24:40
Tommy Fang (Terran)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-25 18:16:54
auxanic (Zerg)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-25 18:10:22
DAIDOES (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-25 18:04:09
Zia bot (Zerg)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)12016-12-25 17:59:00
Bereaver (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-25 17:49:10
WuliBot (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-25 17:38:58
Florian Richoux (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)22016-12-25 17:34:20
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-25 17:24:21
auxanic (Zerg)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-25 17:14:21
WuliBot (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-25 16:35:45
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-25 16:29:36
Matej Istenik (Terran)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-25 16:25:35
Matej Istenik (Terran)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-25 16:18:06
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-25 15:46:02
krasi0 (Terran)Andrew Smith (Protoss)12016-12-25 15:38:07
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-25 15:28:24
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-25 15:24:24
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)22016-12-25 15:17:26
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-25 15:07:56
Iron bot (Terran)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-25 15:02:02
DAIDOES (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-25 14:47:52
OpprimoBot (Random)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-25 14:42:54
XelnagaII (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-25 14:31:31
Florian Richoux (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-25 14:24:10
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-25 14:17:45
Flash (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-25 13:57:38
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)22016-12-25 13:48:43
auxanic (Zerg)OpprimoBot (Random)22016-12-25 13:30:30
XelnagaII (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-25 13:28:35
DAIDOES (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)22016-12-25 13:05:26
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-25 13:00:28
Sijia Xu (Zerg)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-25 12:51:57
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-25 12:45:11
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-25 12:41:51
Flash (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-25 12:33:56
Nathan a David (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-25 12:28:24
Sungguk Cha (Terran)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-25 12:06:12
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-25 11:54:52
Nathan a David (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-25 11:49:24
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-25 11:44:42
Simon Prins (Terran)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)22016-12-25 11:39:26
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-25 11:36:07
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-25 11:29:45
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-25 11:19:24
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-25 11:02:12
WuliBot (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-25 10:56:32
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-25 10:47:40
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-25 10:37:59
auxanic (Zerg)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-25 10:29:42
Nathan a David (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-25 10:11:27
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-25 10:00:45
Bereaver (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-25 09:55:37
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-25 09:49:21
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-25 09:42:53
ICELab (Terran)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)12016-12-25 09:39:45
tscmoop (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-25 09:33:14
Johan Kayser (Terran)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-25 09:26:44
Soeren Klett (Terran)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-25 09:24:26
auxanic (Zerg)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-25 09:10:19
Andrew Smith (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-25 09:05:45
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-25 09:00:40
Matej Istenik (Terran)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-25 08:57:45
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-25 08:47:06
AwesomeBot (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-25 08:39:58
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-25 08:34:52
Dave Churchill (Random)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-25 08:30:40
Zia bot (Zerg)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-25 08:23:31
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-25 08:14:20
Dave Churchill (Random)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-25 08:11:08
Dave Churchill (Random)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-25 08:07:32
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)22016-12-25 08:04:23
JompaBot (Terran)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-25 07:56:58
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-25 07:47:37
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-25 07:41:41
OpprimoBot (Random)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-25 07:35:22
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-25 07:21:43
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-25 07:17:40
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-25 07:07:11
Zia bot (Zerg)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-25 07:02:00
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-25 06:59:14
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-25 06:53:51
Johan Kayser (Terran)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-25 06:49:50
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-25 06:42:49
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-25 06:37:11
JompaBot (Terran)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-25 06:31:38
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)tscmoop (Protoss)12016-12-25 06:28:54
Soeren Klett (Terran)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-25 06:17:32
Flash (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-25 06:08:06
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-25 06:04:05
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-25 05:59:02
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-25 05:47:05
Matej Istenik (Terran)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-25 05:38:34
Marian Devecka (Zerg)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-25 05:29:50
krasi0 (Terran)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-25 05:25:11
Dave Churchill (Random)Chris Coxe (Zerg)12016-12-25 05:13:51
WuliBot (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-25 05:09:22
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-25 05:04:14
Zia bot (Zerg)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-25 05:00:41
DAIDOES (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-25 04:57:57
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-25 04:54:13
AwesomeBot (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-25 04:50:17
Steamhammer (Zerg)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-25 04:42:16
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)AwesomeBot (Protoss)22016-12-25 04:36:03
WuliBot (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-25 04:29:02
ICELab (Terran)WuliBot (Protoss)12016-12-25 04:22:03
Chris Coxe (Zerg)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-25 04:14:04
DAIDOES (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-25 04:10:48
Flash (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-25 03:46:42
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-25 03:38:04
ICELab (Terran)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-25 03:33:29
ICELab (Terran)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-25 03:31:24
krasi0 (Terran)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-25 03:21:45
Johan Kayser (Terran)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)22016-12-25 03:13:19
auxanic (Zerg)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-25 02:47:36
Iron bot (Terran)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-25 02:21:10
Flash (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-25 02:15:36
XelnagaII (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-25 01:56:15
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-25 01:49:35
Tommy Fang (Terran)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-25 01:44:55
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-25 01:34:21
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-25 01:31:15
krasi0 (Terran)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-25 01:26:56
Nathan a David (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-25 01:16:20
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-25 01:08:02
Johan Kayser (Terran)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-25 00:58:30
XelnagaII (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-25 00:49:26
auxanic (Zerg)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-25 00:42:26
MegaBot (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-25 00:34:58
Zia bot (Zerg)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-25 00:30:55
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-25 00:26:16
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-25 00:22:35
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-25 00:16:26
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-25 00:11:24
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-25 00:05:46
Chris Coxe (Zerg)tscmoop (Protoss)12016-12-24 23:59:50
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-24 23:55:23
Matej Istenik (Terran)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-24 23:46:31
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-24 23:33:40
XelnagaII (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-24 23:29:09
ICELab (Terran)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-24 23:20:28
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-24 23:17:51
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-24 23:08:04
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-24 23:02:27
Simon Prins (Terran)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-24 22:52:48
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Andrew Smith (Protoss)12016-12-24 22:44:05
Iron bot (Terran)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-24 22:39:40
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-24 22:34:19
MegaBot (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-24 22:31:46
XelnagaII (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-24 22:29:08
Nathan a David (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-24 22:21:54
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Tommy Fang (Terran)22016-12-24 22:18:59
Soeren Klett (Terran)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-24 21:54:34
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-24 21:41:34
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-24 21:34:51
tscmoop (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-24 21:31:53
WuliBot (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-24 21:26:11
BeeBot (Terran)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-24 21:20:43
JompaBot (Terran)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-24 21:12:50
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-24 20:48:08
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-24 20:38:45
AwesomeBot (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-24 20:29:34
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-24 20:25:17
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-24 20:16:34
Bereaver (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-24 20:13:20
Steamhammer (Zerg)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-24 20:07:26
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-24 19:57:51
OpprimoBot (Random)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-24 19:52:44
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-24 18:42:36
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-24 18:36:26
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Andrew Smith (Protoss)12016-12-24 18:25:11
krasi0 (Terran)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-24 18:14:55
Dave Churchill (Random)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-24 18:04:48
Johan Kayser (Terran)Sungguk Cha (Terran)22016-12-24 17:56:58
Sungguk Cha (Terran)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)22016-12-24 17:39:51
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)22016-12-24 17:17:52
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Steamhammer (Zerg)12016-12-24 17:12:14
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-24 17:05:12
MegaBot (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-24 16:53:43
Steamhammer (Zerg)auxanic (Zerg)22016-12-24 16:47:05
Simon Prins (Terran)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-24 16:37:57
Johan Kayser (Terran)OpprimoBot (Random)22016-12-24 16:34:47
Zia bot (Zerg)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-24 16:16:23
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-24 16:10:14
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-24 16:04:48
Iron bot (Terran)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-24 15:58:59
WuliBot (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-24 15:50:06
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-24 15:44:25
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)12016-12-24 15:32:04
JompaBot (Terran)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-24 15:28:03
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-24 15:23:07
krasi0 (Terran)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)22016-12-24 15:08:01
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-24 15:00:39
Johan Kayser (Terran)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-24 14:43:32
OpprimoBot (Random)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)22016-12-24 14:38:01
Soeren Klett (Terran)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-24 14:26:57
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)JompaBot (Terran)22016-12-24 14:11:19
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-24 14:04:32
Steamhammer (Zerg)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-24 13:46:40
XelnagaII (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-24 11:27:29
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-24 11:18:22
JompaBot (Terran)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-24 10:06:47
Iron bot (Terran)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-24 09:51:21
tscmoop (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-24 09:40:07
auxanic (Zerg)Tommy Fang (Terran)22016-12-24 09:12:11
MegaBot (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-24 08:40:18
Matej Istenik (Terran)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)22016-12-24 08:32:44
Zia bot (Zerg)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-24 08:06:15
Iron bot (Terran)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-24 07:56:31
Simon Prins (Terran)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-24 07:50:24
Tommy Fang (Terran)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-24 07:39:22
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-24 07:20:12
Nathan a David (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-24 07:13:34
Chris Coxe (Zerg)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-24 07:03:22
Andrew Smith (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-24 07:00:42
DAIDOES (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-24 06:42:48
PeregrineBot (Zerg)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-24 04:56:10
Steamhammer (Zerg)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-24 04:47:50
Soeren Klett (Terran)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-24 04:43:30
Soeren Klett (Terran)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-24 03:58:54
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-24 03:49:39
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Bereaver (Protoss)12016-12-24 03:30:31
OpprimoBot (Random)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-24 03:22:51
AwesomeBot (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-24 02:55:09
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)12016-12-24 02:29:55
DAIDOES (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-24 02:16:36
Soeren Klett (Terran)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-24 02:04:57
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)22016-12-24 01:54:41
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-24 01:52:33
Tomas Cere (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-24 01:32:45
JompaBot (Terran)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-24 01:19:33
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-24 00:51:48
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-24 00:49:39
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-24 00:47:33
Flash (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-23 23:23:39
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-23 23:08:18
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)12016-12-23 22:59:18
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-23 22:53:19
Tomas Cere (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-23 22:37:22
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-23 22:25:21
krasi0 (Terran)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-23 22:15:28
tscmoop (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-23 21:53:27
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-23 21:41:21
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-23 21:27:16
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-23 21:20:43
OpprimoBot (Random)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-23 21:17:19
JompaBot (Terran)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)22016-12-23 21:14:32
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-23 21:08:52
krasi0 (Terran)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-23 20:59:59
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)12016-12-23 20:53:54
Flash (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-23 20:40:58
XelnagaII (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-23 20:36:52
auxanic (Zerg)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-23 20:29:10
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)22016-12-23 20:25:52
BeeBot (Terran)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-23 20:19:29
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-23 20:16:27
Iron bot (Terran)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-23 20:11:51
Nathan a David (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-23 20:05:50
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-23 20:03:36
Chris Ayers (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-23 19:51:31
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-23 19:47:17
krasi0 (Terran)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-23 19:37:34
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-23 19:35:17
OpprimoBot (Random)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-23 19:27:03
XelnagaII (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-23 19:23:23
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-23 19:13:31
OpprimoBot (Random)XelnagaII (Protoss)22016-12-23 18:43:07
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)22016-12-23 18:39:00
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-23 18:32:47
Matej Istenik (Terran)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-23 18:24:31
Florian Richoux (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)12016-12-23 18:15:43
MegaBot (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)12016-12-23 18:02:43
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)AwesomeBot (Protoss)22016-12-23 17:56:37
WuliBot (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-23 17:48:03
Sijia Xu (Zerg)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-23 17:36:32
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-23 17:24:41
Johan Kayser (Terran)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-23 17:19:24
Zia bot (Zerg)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-23 17:09:01
Bereaver (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-23 17:01:46
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-23 16:56:41
Tommy Fang (Terran)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-23 16:50:20
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-23 16:45:21
Tommy Fang (Terran)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-23 16:43:13
Zia bot (Zerg)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-23 16:30:46
MegaBot (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-23 16:21:33
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-23 16:13:51
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-23 16:07:45
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-23 15:58:42
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-23 15:52:41
Bereaver (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-23 15:47:01
Soeren Klett (Terran)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)12016-12-23 15:39:15
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)JompaBot (Terran)22016-12-23 15:24:15
WuliBot (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-23 15:18:09
Tomas Cere (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-23 15:13:24
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-23 15:03:03
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-23 14:58:46
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-23 14:51:14
Matej Istenik (Terran)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-23 14:48:58
WuliBot (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-23 14:38:13
XelnagaII (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)22016-12-23 14:18:56
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-23 14:15:48
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-23 14:05:02
Johan Kayser (Terran)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-23 14:02:05
JompaBot (Terran)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-23 13:51:29
Simon Prins (Terran)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)22016-12-23 13:42:21
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-23 13:39:15
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-23 13:31:00
Flash (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-23 13:23:14
JompaBot (Terran)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-23 13:18:21
tscmoop (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-23 13:16:06
XelnagaII (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)22016-12-23 12:54:14
Soeren Klett (Terran)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-23 12:47:17
Johan Kayser (Terran)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-23 12:42:54
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-23 12:36:05
Iron bot (Terran)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-23 12:25:50
tscmoop (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-23 12:20:31
Johan Kayser (Terran)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)22016-12-23 12:09:57
BeeBot (Terran)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-23 12:00:23
Tommy Fang (Terran)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-23 11:58:09
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-23 11:53:56
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-23 11:36:02
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-23 11:26:58
WuliBot (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-23 11:14:01
DAIDOES (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-23 11:07:45
Dave Churchill (Random)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-23 11:00:47
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Johan Kayser (Terran)22016-12-23 10:54:58
Tomas Cere (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-23 10:33:27
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-23 10:27:44
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-23 10:22:00
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-23 10:17:19
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-23 10:11:21
XelnagaII (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)22016-12-23 10:05:23
Bereaver (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)12016-12-23 10:03:00
MegaBot (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-23 09:50:11
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-23 09:44:40
JompaBot (Terran)OpprimoBot (Random)22016-12-23 09:41:33
Johan Kayser (Terran)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-23 09:33:07
ICELab (Terran)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-23 09:24:45
MegaBot (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-23 09:22:38
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-23 09:16:40
WuliBot (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-23 09:09:45
WuliBot (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-23 09:02:40
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-23 08:53:45
BeeBot (Terran)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-23 08:46:25
Steamhammer (Zerg)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-23 08:38:36
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-23 08:33:03
Soeren Klett (Terran)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-23 08:27:16
Zia bot (Zerg)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-23 08:17:39
Dave Churchill (Random)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-23 08:15:04
Dave Churchill (Random)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-23 08:11:18
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)22016-12-23 08:08:26
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)XelnagaII (Protoss)22016-12-23 07:56:59
PeregrineBot (Zerg)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-23 07:51:17
OpprimoBot (Random)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-23 07:47:50
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-23 07:45:44
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-23 07:37:53
BeeBot (Terran)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-23 07:32:36
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-23 07:16:49
Flash (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)12016-12-23 07:04:01
Dave Churchill (Random)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-23 06:58:25
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-23 06:51:24
tscmoop (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-23 06:44:09
BeeBot (Terran)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-23 06:30:48
WuliBot (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-23 06:21:48
tscmoop (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-23 06:19:27
Matej Istenik (Terran)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-23 06:11:08
Soeren Klett (Terran)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-23 06:08:09
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-23 05:56:33
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-23 05:48:18
AwesomeBot (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-23 05:46:09
Andrew Smith (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-23 05:42:06
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-23 05:34:04
krasi0 (Terran)WuliBot (Protoss)12016-12-23 05:28:29
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-23 05:18:46
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-23 05:12:19
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-23 05:06:08
XelnagaII (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-23 04:57:27
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Chris Ayers (Protoss)22016-12-23 04:48:34
Simon Prins (Terran)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-23 04:43:57
Chris Ayers (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-23 04:40:51
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-23 04:33:17
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-23 04:22:03
DAIDOES (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-23 04:11:10
BeeBot (Terran)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-23 04:09:02
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-23 03:58:00
Bereaver (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-23 03:52:29
Sijia Xu (Zerg)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-23 03:44:05
Nathan a David (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-23 03:37:32
Bereaver (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-23 03:32:01
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-23 03:25:11
krasi0 (Terran)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-23 03:07:39
Matej Istenik (Terran)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-23 02:51:32
WuliBot (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-23 02:45:24
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Bereaver (Protoss)12016-12-23 02:36:59
BeeBot (Terran)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-23 02:32:18
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Steamhammer (Zerg)12016-12-23 02:23:31
Tommy Fang (Terran)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-23 02:17:43
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-23 02:13:22
XelnagaII (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)22016-12-23 02:07:46
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-23 02:05:07
Steamhammer (Zerg)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-23 01:57:18
ICELab (Terran)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-23 01:51:05
Sungguk Cha (Terran)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-23 01:39:00
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)22016-12-23 01:21:41
Andrew Smith (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-23 01:14:33
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-23 01:07:39
krasi0 (Terran)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-23 00:55:04
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-23 00:46:51
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-23 00:39:08
Nathan a David (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-23 00:29:41
BeeBot (Terran)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-23 00:21:14
Marian Devecka (Zerg)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-23 00:17:01
DAIDOES (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-23 00:14:21
Tommy Fang (Terran)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-23 00:06:57
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)ICELab (Terran)12016-12-23 00:00:54
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-22 23:56:15
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-22 23:51:39
Soeren Klett (Terran)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-22 23:46:55
ICELab (Terran)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-22 23:36:37
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-22 23:31:02
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-22 23:28:55
Chris Ayers (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-22 23:23:14
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-22 23:01:01
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-22 22:53:45
Flash (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-22 22:44:40
Sijia Xu (Zerg)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-22 22:40:31
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-22 22:34:37
Bereaver (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-22 22:29:35
BeeBot (Terran)auxanic (Zerg)22016-12-22 22:20:57
Tommy Fang (Terran)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-22 21:57:15
Nathan a David (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-22 21:52:36
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-22 21:45:00
Iron bot (Terran)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-22 21:36:19
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-22 21:28:28
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-22 21:23:37
ICELab (Terran)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-22 21:12:02
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-22 21:04:23
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-22 20:54:59
Nathan a David (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-22 20:49:06
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-22 20:40:35
Sungguk Cha (Terran)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-22 20:31:59
Florian Richoux (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-22 20:28:48
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-22 20:20:53
DAIDOES (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-22 20:12:48
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-22 20:00:04
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)12016-12-22 19:52:24
JompaBot (Terran)Johan Kayser (Terran)22016-12-22 19:38:28
Iron bot (Terran)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-22 19:29:09
tscmoop (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-22 19:17:50
JompaBot (Terran)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)22016-12-22 19:14:11
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-22 19:06:40
Zia bot (Zerg)Chris Coxe (Zerg)12016-12-22 18:57:20
WuliBot (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-22 18:51:20
ICELab (Terran)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-22 18:41:46
Bereaver (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-22 18:31:28
Soeren Klett (Terran)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-22 18:23:50
ICELab (Terran)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-22 18:17:41
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-22 18:06:26
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-22 17:58:18
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-22 17:54:10
Matej Istenik (Terran)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-22 17:49:32
Marian Devecka (Zerg)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-22 17:38:35
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-22 17:31:57
tscmoop (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-22 17:28:43
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-22 17:22:12
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-22 17:15:46
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-22 17:10:05
Dave Churchill (Random)ICELab (Terran)12016-12-22 17:06:34
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-22 17:02:18
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-22 16:55:45
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)12016-12-22 16:50:31
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)12016-12-22 16:46:41
Nathan a David (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-22 16:38:04
DAIDOES (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-22 16:34:14
auxanic (Zerg)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-22 16:30:17
krasi0 (Terran)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-22 16:23:07
Simon Prins (Terran)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-22 16:11:54
BeeBot (Terran)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-22 16:08:42
Tommy Fang (Terran)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-22 16:03:14
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-22 15:44:26
Bereaver (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-22 15:40:06
Tommy Fang (Terran)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-22 15:32:01
Johan Kayser (Terran)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-22 15:23:33
krasi0 (Terran)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-22 15:18:49
Johan Kayser (Terran)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-22 14:58:12
Soeren Klett (Terran)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-22 14:51:09
OpprimoBot (Random)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-22 14:41:59
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-22 14:38:21
Nathan a David (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-22 14:31:53
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-22 14:26:51
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-22 14:18:03
OpprimoBot (Random)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-22 14:10:44
XelnagaII (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)22016-12-22 13:59:22
Johan Kayser (Terran)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-22 13:57:01
Florian Richoux (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-22 13:47:46
tscmoop (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-22 13:40:54
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-22 13:32:54
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-22 13:27:19
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)AwesomeBot (Protoss)22016-12-22 13:15:55
Simon Prins (Terran)AwesomeBot (Protoss)22016-12-22 13:07:39
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-22 13:05:16
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-22 12:58:40
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-22 12:49:58
Sungguk Cha (Terran)OpprimoBot (Random)22016-12-22 12:39:55
Sijia Xu (Zerg)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-22 12:28:31
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-22 12:22:02
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)22016-12-22 12:19:38
Marian Devecka (Zerg)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-22 12:09:22
Sijia Xu (Zerg)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-22 12:03:08
Tommy Fang (Terran)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-22 12:00:15
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-22 11:50:50
Tommy Fang (Terran)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-22 11:45:20
Nathan a David (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-22 11:26:06
Soeren Klett (Terran)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-22 11:05:43
ICELab (Terran)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-22 10:48:06
Simon Prins (Terran)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-22 10:44:34
tscmoop (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-22 10:36:45
Matej Istenik (Terran)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-22 10:31:42
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-22 10:22:18
Flash (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-22 10:15:37
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-22 10:10:30
Bereaver (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-22 10:00:15
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-22 09:52:34
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-22 09:49:32
Bereaver (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)12016-12-22 09:35:05
Dave Churchill (Random)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-22 09:25:26
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-22 09:16:42
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-22 09:02:18
Steamhammer (Zerg)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-22 08:55:21
Iron bot (Terran)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)12016-12-22 08:48:44
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-22 08:38:35
auxanic (Zerg)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-22 08:33:08
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-22 08:15:04
Matej Istenik (Terran)AwesomeBot (Protoss)22016-12-22 08:05:48
Bereaver (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-22 07:57:53
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-22 07:50:46
Chris Coxe (Zerg)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-22 07:44:30
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-22 07:38:45
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-22 07:33:19
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-22 07:26:47
auxanic (Zerg)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-22 07:20:57
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-22 07:17:58
Steamhammer (Zerg)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-22 06:55:12
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-22 06:48:22
Tommy Fang (Terran)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)22016-12-22 06:45:39
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-22 06:23:59
JompaBot (Terran)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-22 06:19:08
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-22 06:12:15
Johan Kayser (Terran)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-22 06:03:02
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-22 05:53:48
auxanic (Zerg)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-22 05:43:14
Iron bot (Terran)Marian Devecka (Zerg)12016-12-22 05:23:43
tscmoop (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-22 05:11:46
Dave Churchill (Random)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-22 05:04:49
OpprimoBot (Random)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-22 04:44:39
MegaBot (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)12016-12-22 04:40:28
MegaBot (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)12016-12-22 04:31:42
ICELab (Terran)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-22 04:22:45
Bereaver (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)12016-12-22 04:09:26
ICELab (Terran)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-22 03:54:43
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-22 03:50:49
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-22 03:39:14
Sijia Xu (Zerg)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-22 03:32:14
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Tommy Fang (Terran)22016-12-22 03:25:49
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-22 03:20:23
Florian Richoux (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-22 03:13:44
Johan Kayser (Terran)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-22 03:07:49
XelnagaII (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-22 02:56:22
Iron bot (Terran)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-22 02:49:23
XelnagaII (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-22 02:41:59
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-22 02:33:01
tscmoop (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-22 02:21:24
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)22016-12-22 02:00:22
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-22 01:49:19
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-22 01:46:32
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)auxanic (Zerg)22016-12-22 01:38:31
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-22 01:26:53
Sijia Xu (Zerg)ICELab (Terran)12016-12-22 01:23:16
tscmoop (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-22 01:06:50
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-22 01:00:47
Johan Kayser (Terran)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-22 00:54:53
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-22 00:51:42
Zia bot (Zerg)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-22 00:45:31
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-22 00:38:33
tscmoop (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-22 00:33:29
Matej Istenik (Terran)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-22 00:25:50
DAIDOES (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-22 00:20:26
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-22 00:13:12
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-21 23:54:22
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-21 23:46:20
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-21 23:38:15
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-21 23:33:16
Nathan a David (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)22016-12-21 23:24:43
Tomas Cere (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-21 23:09:07
Tommy Fang (Terran)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-21 22:56:29
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Sijia Xu (Zerg)12016-12-21 22:44:38
JompaBot (Terran)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-21 22:36:38
WuliBot (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-21 22:34:39
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-21 22:26:18
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)22016-12-21 22:15:06
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-21 22:04:49
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-21 21:57:02
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-21 21:49:14
Tommy Fang (Terran)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-21 21:44:41
Florian Richoux (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-21 21:37:48
Iron bot (Terran)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-21 21:30:23
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Chris Ayers (Protoss)22016-12-21 21:23:14
MegaBot (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-21 21:13:52
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-21 20:58:19
OpprimoBot (Random)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-21 20:46:40
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)12016-12-21 20:42:59
AwesomeBot (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-21 20:31:08
MegaBot (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)22016-12-21 20:21:26
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-21 19:59:38
JompaBot (Terran)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-21 19:48:43
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-21 19:42:24
Marian Devecka (Zerg)WuliBot (Protoss)12016-12-21 19:38:43
Bereaver (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-21 19:31:39
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-21 19:24:27
Tommy Fang (Terran)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-21 19:16:39
krasi0 (Terran)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-21 18:52:51
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-21 18:44:15
auxanic (Zerg)Nathan a David (Protoss)22016-12-21 18:33:36
Johan Kayser (Terran)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-21 18:28:52
Iron bot (Terran)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-21 18:20:51
OpprimoBot (Random)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-21 18:12:31
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-21 18:08:30
Iron bot (Terran)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-21 18:00:49
Iron bot (Terran)Tomas Cere (Protoss)12016-12-21 17:53:36
PeregrineBot (Zerg)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-21 17:47:59
Chris Ayers (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-21 17:40:34
WuliBot (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-21 17:32:10
Nathan a David (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-21 17:27:27
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-21 17:08:56
Iron bot (Terran)krasi0 (Terran)12016-12-21 17:02:17
XelnagaII (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-21 16:47:26
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-21 16:44:44
tscmoop (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)12016-12-21 16:38:20
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-21 16:21:34
JompaBot (Terran)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-21 16:15:02
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Nathan a David (Protoss)22016-12-21 16:10:32
Bereaver (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-21 15:59:00
MegaBot (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-21 15:49:33
BeeBot (Terran)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-21 15:44:43
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-21 15:23:37
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-21 15:14:19
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)22016-12-21 15:09:04
PeregrineBot (Zerg)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-21 14:56:49
DAIDOES (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-21 14:48:37
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-21 14:44:30
ICELab (Terran)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-21 14:35:19
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-21 14:15:11
Andrew Smith (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-21 14:04:36
Bereaver (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-21 13:57:18
BeeBot (Terran)Iron bot (Terran)12016-12-21 13:44:21
Steamhammer (Zerg)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-21 13:36:46
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-21 13:13:36
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-21 13:04:59
Matej Istenik (Terran)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-21 13:02:08
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-21 12:56:30
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)12016-12-21 12:51:35
Dave Churchill (Random)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-21 12:34:57
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-21 12:28:23
Florian Richoux (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)22016-12-21 12:20:40
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-21 12:08:53
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-21 12:01:36
Nathan a David (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-21 11:52:54
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-21 11:45:43
tscmoop (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)22016-12-21 11:37:06
auxanic (Zerg)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-21 11:27:57
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Tommy Fang (Terran)22016-12-21 11:18:48
BeeBot (Terran)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-21 11:16:30
Soeren Klett (Terran)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-21 10:04:55
Zia bot (Zerg)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-21 09:53:01
MegaBot (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-21 09:44:37
BeeBot (Terran)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-21 09:37:48
Matej Istenik (Terran)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-21 09:31:49
tscmoop (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-21 09:24:01
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-21 09:14:58
Steamhammer (Zerg)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-21 09:04:39
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-21 08:56:18
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-21 08:48:12
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-21 08:41:46
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)22016-12-21 08:37:17
Bereaver (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-21 08:31:02
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-21 08:23:28
Zia bot (Zerg)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)22016-12-21 08:19:14
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-21 08:07:57
WuliBot (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-21 08:02:42
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-21 07:58:20
Tomas Cere (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-21 07:53:25
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-21 07:44:45
Tommy Fang (Terran)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-21 07:38:44
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-21 07:31:38
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-21 07:28:11
Matej Istenik (Terran)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-21 07:21:07
Simon Prins (Terran)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-21 06:56:18
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-21 06:52:34
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)tscmoop (Protoss)12016-12-21 06:44:47
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-21 06:38:26
krasi0 (Terran)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-21 06:27:34
Chris Coxe (Zerg)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-21 06:16:54
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-21 06:13:17
tscmoop (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-21 06:03:02
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-21 05:52:54
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-21 05:48:37
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-21 05:38:56
Flash (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-21 05:32:17
Nathan a David (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-21 05:27:10
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-21 05:20:34
Chris Coxe (Zerg)ICELab (Terran)12016-12-21 05:13:09
Zia bot (Zerg)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-21 05:04:50
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-21 04:59:46
DAIDOES (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-21 04:54:39
DAIDOES (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-21 04:48:11
Florian Richoux (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-21 04:42:34
Simon Prins (Terran)auxanic (Zerg)22016-12-21 04:35:56
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-21 04:32:48
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-21 04:24:43
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Steamhammer (Zerg)12016-12-21 04:19:39
Flash (Protoss)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-21 04:16:30
auxanic (Zerg)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-21 04:09:27
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)22016-12-21 04:03:33
Florian Richoux (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-21 03:53:55
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-21 03:47:59
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-21 03:42:36
WuliBot (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)12016-12-21 03:33:08
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-21 03:28:51
XelnagaII (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-21 03:21:14
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-21 03:00:48
DAIDOES (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-21 02:54:51
Tommy Fang (Terran)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-21 02:51:58
JompaBot (Terran)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-21 02:47:51
WuliBot (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-21 02:42:15
Simon Prins (Terran)Sungguk Cha (Terran)22016-12-21 02:38:07
Johan Kayser (Terran)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-21 02:35:02
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-21 02:26:58
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-21 02:19:45
XelnagaII (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-21 02:03:02
auxanic (Zerg)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-21 02:00:55
tscmoop (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-21 01:55:11
Tommy Fang (Terran)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-21 01:48:08
WuliBot (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-21 01:41:39
BeeBot (Terran)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-21 01:36:32
auxanic (Zerg)AwesomeBot (Protoss)22016-12-21 01:29:31
Dave Churchill (Random)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-21 01:22:29
Chris Ayers (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-21 01:13:00
Matej Istenik (Terran)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-21 01:03:58
OpprimoBot (Random)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-21 00:41:52
Matej Istenik (Terran)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-21 00:39:03
Soeren Klett (Terran)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-21 00:21:03
Bereaver (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-21 00:12:55
Marian Devecka (Zerg)Andrew Smith (Protoss)12016-12-21 00:10:10
tscmoop (Protoss)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-21 00:04:10
Nathan a David (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)12016-12-21 00:01:50
XelnagaII (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-20 23:50:50
ICELab (Terran)Andrew Smith (Protoss)12016-12-20 23:41:54
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 23:29:31
WuliBot (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-20 23:19:45
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-20 23:14:24
krasi0 (Terran)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-20 23:05:58
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-20 22:53:28
Simon Prins (Terran)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)22016-12-20 22:45:05
BeeBot (Terran)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-20 22:33:22
Andrew Smith (Protoss)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-20 22:25:10
Bereaver (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-20 22:18:53
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-20 22:10:53
Matej Istenik (Terran)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-20 22:06:12
Soeren Klett (Terran)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-20 21:48:58
auxanic (Zerg)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-20 21:39:12
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-20 21:34:35
Flash (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-20 21:27:08
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-20 21:22:19
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-20 21:14:50
Nathan a David (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-20 20:57:23
BeeBot (Terran)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-20 20:39:29
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-20 20:36:37
auxanic (Zerg)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-20 20:27:38
Chris Ayers (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-20 20:22:27
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-20 20:14:03
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-20 20:01:20
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 19:55:10
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-20 19:49:14
AwesomeBot (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)22016-12-20 19:45:00
Simon Prins (Terran)JompaBot (Terran)22016-12-20 19:39:08
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-20 19:34:39
Johan Kayser (Terran)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-20 19:26:11
tscmoop (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)22016-12-20 19:17:17
Matej Istenik (Terran)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-20 19:07:55
DAIDOES (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)12016-12-20 19:01:37
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-20 18:51:18
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-20 18:42:11
BeeBot (Terran)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-20 18:38:09
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-20 18:29:09
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)auxanic (Zerg)22016-12-20 18:25:30
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)12016-12-20 18:14:48
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-20 18:10:39
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)22016-12-20 18:07:31
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-20 17:59:17
auxanic (Zerg)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-20 17:41:36
Chris Ayers (Protoss)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-20 17:37:56
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-20 17:28:30
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-20 17:21:04
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-20 17:14:11
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-20 17:07:08
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)22016-12-20 17:01:20
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-20 16:50:11
Bereaver (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-20 16:46:56
Chris Ayers (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-20 16:41:22
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-20 16:35:09
Tommy Fang (Terran)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-20 16:30:20
JompaBot (Terran)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-20 16:27:07
XelnagaII (Protoss)DAIDOES (Protoss)22016-12-20 16:21:11
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-20 16:18:31
Steamhammer (Zerg)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-20 16:02:27
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-20 15:54:00
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-20 15:44:49
Tommy Fang (Terran)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)22016-12-20 15:35:50
XelnagaII (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-20 15:26:37
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-20 15:19:29
Steamhammer (Zerg)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-20 15:10:15
tscmoop (Protoss)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-20 15:03:45
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-20 14:57:29
ICELab (Terran)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 14:53:58
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 14:43:00
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-20 14:35:10
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-20 14:29:03
Steamhammer (Zerg)MegaBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 14:25:57
ICELab (Terran)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-20 14:21:24
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-20 14:13:51
PeregrineBot (Zerg)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 13:50:51
tscmoop (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-20 13:47:54
Sijia Xu (Zerg)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-20 13:33:23
MegaBot (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-20 13:27:46
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-20 13:19:57
ICELab (Terran)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-20 13:16:34
Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-20 13:07:33
ICELab (Terran)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-20 12:53:38
Zia bot (Zerg)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 12:43:52
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-20 12:34:00
Flash (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-20 12:25:54
Soeren Klett (Terran)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-20 12:19:02
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-20 12:09:07
JompaBot (Terran)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 12:01:21
Dave Churchill (Random)Johan Kayser (Terran)22016-12-20 11:55:37
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-20 11:36:13
OpprimoBot (Random)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-20 11:28:30
Johan Kayser (Terran)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-20 11:16:11
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-20 11:05:20
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Nathan a David (Protoss)22016-12-20 10:56:57
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-20 10:49:51
Iron bot (Terran)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-20 10:37:38
BeeBot (Terran)WuliBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 10:28:38
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Flash (Protoss)22016-12-20 10:10:32
Dave Churchill (Random)Flash (Protoss)12016-12-20 10:03:53
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-20 09:59:46
krasi0 (Terran)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-20 09:51:31
UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)22016-12-20 09:45:23
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-20 09:40:56
Flash (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-20 09:30:14
Johan Kayser (Terran)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-20 09:17:19
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-20 09:09:45
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)12016-12-20 09:02:29
Tomas Cere (Protoss)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-20 08:43:49
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Nathan a David (Protoss)22016-12-20 08:39:02
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-20 08:32:44
DAIDOES (Protoss)Matej Istenik (Terran)22016-12-20 08:28:48
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 08:22:04
Nathan a David (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-20 08:09:12
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-20 07:57:15
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-20 07:50:30
Flash (Protoss)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)22016-12-20 07:44:07
krasi0 (Terran)Nathan a David (Protoss)12016-12-20 07:39:50
Steamhammer (Zerg)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-20 07:31:44
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)12016-12-20 07:26:43
Iron bot (Terran)PeregrineBot (Zerg)12016-12-20 07:22:50
Steamhammer (Zerg)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-20 07:16:32
Sungguk Cha (Terran)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-20 07:08:56
Johan Kayser (Terran)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-20 07:01:25
Flash (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-20 06:52:51
Marian Devecka (Zerg)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 06:47:54
XelnagaII (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-20 06:38:28
ICELab (Terran)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-20 06:36:04
Matej Istenik (Terran)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-20 06:27:51
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)WuliBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 06:15:53
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-20 06:09:29
Tommy Fang (Terran)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-20 06:02:24
tscmoop (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 05:50:26
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-20 05:43:47
Chris Ayers (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-20 05:39:27
XelnagaII (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-20 05:34:40
OpprimoBot (Random)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-20 05:32:18
Johan Kayser (Terran)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-20 05:24:43
OpprimoBot (Random)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-20 05:14:33
Sijia Xu (Zerg)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-20 05:05:15
Flash (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-20 05:02:00
Simon Prins (Terran)Steamhammer (Zerg)12016-12-20 04:53:29
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Florian Richoux (Protoss)22016-12-20 04:43:18
Steamhammer (Zerg)Matej Istenik (Terran)12016-12-20 04:37:18
DAIDOES (Protoss)Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)12016-12-20 04:29:04
Steamhammer (Zerg)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-20 04:18:17
OpprimoBot (Random)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-20 03:58:29
Flash (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-20 03:55:04
ICELab (Terran)Bereaver (Protoss)22016-12-20 03:48:06
Chris Coxe (Zerg)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)12016-12-20 03:38:49
JompaBot (Terran)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 03:36:23
Johan Kayser (Terran)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-20 03:30:39
PeregrineBot (Zerg)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 03:21:00
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-20 03:18:08
OpprimoBot (Random)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-20 03:13:45
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)OpprimoBot (Random)22016-12-20 03:04:06
WuliBot (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-20 02:53:27
Iron bot (Terran)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-20 02:49:07
BeeBot (Terran)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 02:41:37
tscmoop (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-20 02:03:13
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-20 01:54:22
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-20 01:51:06
Marian Devecka (Zerg)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-20 01:41:58
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-20 01:36:07
DAIDOES (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-20 01:27:52
Marian Devecka (Zerg)ICELab (Terran)12016-12-20 01:22:08
JompaBot (Terran)XelnagaII (Protoss)22016-12-20 01:14:24
WuliBot (Protoss)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-20 01:12:12
Steamhammer (Zerg)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-20 01:06:14
OpprimoBot (Random)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-20 01:02:17
Marian Devecka (Zerg)krasi0 (Terran)22016-12-20 00:56:03
Tommy Fang (Terran)Bjorn P Mattsson (Zerg)22016-12-20 00:42:40
JompaBot (Terran)WuliBot (Protoss)22016-12-20 00:36:38
Nathan a David (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-20 00:33:11
Iron bot (Terran)Chris Coxe (Zerg)12016-12-20 00:29:02
Aurelien Lermant (Zerg)Chris Ayers (Protoss)12016-12-20 00:21:44
Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)tscmoop (Protoss)12016-12-20 00:12:58
Nathan a David (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)22016-12-20 00:07:31
auxanic (Zerg)Johan Kayser (Terran)22016-12-19 23:47:24
ZerGreenBot (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-19 23:35:35
ICELab (Terran)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)12016-12-19 23:23:15
Ian Nicholas DaCosta (Protoss)Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)22016-12-19 23:18:47
AwesomeBot (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-19 23:12:04
DAIDOES (Protoss)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-19 23:07:08
Bereaver (Protoss)Andrew Smith (Protoss)12016-12-19 23:00:26
JompaBot (Terran)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-19 22:51:06
MegaBot (Protoss)Tommy Fang (Terran)12016-12-19 22:36:29
Flash (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-19 22:31:08
Soeren Klett (Terran)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-19 22:17:52
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-19 22:07:01
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-19 21:59:30
AwesomeBot (Protoss)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-19 21:54:04
Flash (Protoss)Sungguk Cha (Terran)12016-12-19 21:43:49
WuliBot (Protoss)ICELab (Terran)22016-12-19 21:29:21
XelnagaII (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)22016-12-19 21:20:43
Chris Coxe (Zerg)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-19 21:08:12
Tomas Vajda (Protoss)Johan Kayser (Terran)12016-12-19 21:04:06
Soeren Klett (Terran)ZerGreenBot (Protoss)12016-12-19 20:46:17
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Florian Richoux (Protoss)12016-12-19 20:29:19
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-19 20:19:05
auxanic (Zerg)BeeBot (Terran)22016-12-19 20:04:27
Nathan a David (Protoss)PeregrineBot (Zerg)22016-12-19 19:56:44
Steamhammer (Zerg)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-19 19:53:34
XelnagaII (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-19 19:47:22
MegaBot (Protoss)XelnagaII (Protoss)12016-12-19 19:40:02
Andrew Smith (Protoss)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-19 19:37:48
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-19 19:29:16
OpprimoBot (Random)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-19 19:26:49
Dave Churchill (Random)Soeren Klett (Terran)22016-12-19 19:14:09
Marian Devecka (Zerg)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-19 19:03:57
WuliBot (Protoss)Tomas Vajda (Protoss)22016-12-19 19:01:41
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)22016-12-19 18:49:17
DAIDOES (Protoss)Gaoyuan Chen (Protoss)12016-12-19 18:39:37
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Aman Zargarpur (Terran)12016-12-19 18:30:28
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)Sijia Xu (Zerg)22016-12-19 18:25:04
krasi0 (Terran)Zia bot (Zerg)12016-12-19 18:19:44
DAIDOES (Protoss)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-19 18:09:16
MegaBot (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-19 18:03:25
Aman Zargarpur (Terran)Jakub Trancik (Protoss)12016-12-19 17:52:06
Steamhammer (Zerg)Chris Coxe (Zerg)22016-12-19 17:43:35
OpprimoBot (Random)Zia bot (Zerg)22016-12-19 17:36:43
Johan Kayser (Terran)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-19 17:32:27
XelnagaII (Protoss)Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)12016-12-19 17:25:56
tscmoop (Protoss)AwesomeBot (Protoss)12016-12-19 17:19:52
Steamhammer (Zerg)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-19 17:11:29
auxanic (Zerg)Andrew Smith (Protoss)22016-12-19 17:07:13
auxanic (Zerg)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-19 17:01:41
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)BeeBot (Terran)12016-12-19 16:53:12
Florian Richoux (Protoss)Steamhammer (Zerg)22016-12-19 16:49:01
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Tomas Cere (Protoss)22016-12-19 16:42:04
Carsten Nielsen (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)12016-12-19 16:32:17
Martin Rooijackers (Terran)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-19 16:26:46
Sijia Xu (Zerg)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-19 16:21:29
JompaBot (Terran)Simon Prins (Terran)12016-12-19 16:12:10
Zia bot (Zerg)Iron bot (Terran)22016-12-19 16:08:55
Jakub Trancik (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)12016-12-19 15:58:47
MegaBot (Protoss)JompaBot (Terran)22016-12-19 15:54:32
Oleg Ostroumov (Terran)Simon Prins (Terran)22016-12-19 15:49:54
XelnagaII (Protoss)UPStarCraftAI 2016 (Zerg)22016-12-19 15:40:12
Flash (Protoss)Dave Churchill (Random)22016-12-19 15:37:39
Tommy Fang (Terran)Marian Devecka (Zerg)22016-12-19 15:33:30
Chris Coxe (Zerg)DAIDOES (Protoss)12016-12-19 15:26:15
krasi0 (Terran)Marian Devecka (Zerg)12016-12-19 15:23:35
Andrew Smith (Protoss)OpprimoBot (Random)12016-12-19 15:12:51
PeregrineBot (Zerg)Martin Rooijackers (Terran)22016-12-19 15:09:36