SSCAI 2012/13

2012/13 was the second installment of SSCAI tournament with 52 participants. The tournament was divided into two divisions:
  • Student division: Round Robin tournament, where everybody played one match against everobody. However, only individual students could score points and win prizes.
  • Mixed division: Elimination bracket of 8 best bots (including non-students and teams).

Student division results:

  • 1st: Matej Istenik, University od Zilina (Slovakia)
    certificate ]
  • 2nd: Marcin Bartnicki, Gdansk University of Technology (Poland)
    certificate ]
  • 3rd: Dave Churchill, University of Alberta (Canada)
    certificate ]
The complete replay pack can be accessed here.
Note: First two players had the same score, so we ran one more match on the most difficult map (Electric Circuit) to decide the winner. You can download the replay of this match here.

Mixed division results:

First Round:
  • Matej Istenik (Dementor bot) vs. Tomas Vajda (XIMP bot)
  • Gabriel Synnaeve (BBQ bot) vs. Marcin bartnicki
  • Tomas Cere vs. Wang Zhe et al. (Icebot)
  • Simon Chamberland (SPAR bot) vs. Marian Devecka (Killerbot)
  • Wang Zhe et al. (Icebot) vs. Marian Devecka (Killerbot)
  • Tomas Vajda (XIMP bot) vs. Marcin Bartnicki
Grand Finals:
  • Marcin Bartnicki vs. Wang Zhe et al. (Icebot)