First round of SSCAIT 2017/18 (round-robin) is over!
The next round (double elimination bracket) will be played soon. At this moment, we can announce the Student division winners:
  • 1st, 124pts: WuliBot, University of Southern California (USA)
  • 2nd, 109pts: Martin Rooijackers, University of Maastricht (Netherlands)
  • 3rd, 101pts: Carsten Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)
Congratulations to the students! The elimination bracket round will be played soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, the submission system will remain closed.
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Game schedule:
NUS Botvs.PeregrineBot
NLPRbotvs.Jakub Trancik
Recent Achievements:
22.01. 20:14Winning Streak 5 achievement for HOLD Z.
21.01. 18:16Let's Rock achievement for Hannes Bredberg.
21.01. 06:46Winning Streak 5 achievement for Ecgberht.
20.01. 18:33Winning Streak 10 achievement for tscmoor.

What is SSCAIT?

Student StarCraft AI Tournament is an educational event, first held in 2011. It serves as a challenging competitive environment mainly for students (submissions by non-students are allowed too) of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. They are submitting the bots programmed in C++ or Java using BWAPI to play 1v1 StarCraft matches.

Referencing SSCAIT

To reference SSCAIT in your publications, please cite:
  • M. Čertický, D. Churchill. The Current State of StarCraft AI Competitions and Bots. In Proceedings of the AIIDE 2017 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Strategy Games. 2017.
  • D. Churchill, M. Preuss, F. Richoux, G. Synnaeve, A. Uriarte, S. Ontanón, M. Čertický. StarCraft Bots and Competitions. Chapter in Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games (ECGG). Springer International Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-319-08234-9. 2016.

Supporting us on Patreon

SSCAIT is a non-profit project, but we're trying to help out young students interested in Game AI research. By supporting us on Patreon, you're directly sponsoring two things:
  • The tournament itself (hardware, maintenance, hosting)
  • Education of a few students and researchers in the group behind the event, called G&S Research Group. Your support allows a few enthusiastic students do Game AI research.
Here's the current list of our official supporters:
Alexander Seidl,, björn lindberg, David Hanson, Gabriel Synnaeve, Matthew Piziak, Michal Sustr, N00byEdge, ROSSUM.AI
Thank you!