StarCraft AI Bot Profile
Description:Detailed tutorial to run the bot using krasi0BotLauncher: Nothing hardcoded against any opponent! Uses BWEM
Bot type:EXE
Achievements:Damn, I'm Good!. Legendary. Supporter. vs Zerg 500. Come Get Some. Godlike. vs Protoss 500. vs Terran 500. Flower Child. vs Protoss 200. vs Protoss 50. vs Terran 200. vs Terran 50. vs Zerg 200. vs Zerg 50. Equal opportunity ass kicker. Let's Rock. Winning Streak 10. Piece of Cake. Cheese!. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Veteran. Experienced.
ELO rating:2425
ICCUP formula:10658
We're currently resolving the elimination bracket, so most of the information is inaccessible to prevent spoiling the results. The data will be back soon!