StarCraft AI Bot Profile
SSCAIT Description:A few minor bug fixes. The bot will now attempt to defend bases outside of the main and natural. New build orders added.
Bot type:AI_MODULE
ELO rating:1404
ICCUP formula:
SSCAIT rank:
Total Win Rate:0.48140900195695
Achievements:vs Terran 200. vs Protoss 200. vs Zerg 200. Let's Rock. Godlike. Veteran. vs Terran 50. vs Protoss 50. Cheese!. vs Zerg 50. Piece of Cake. Experienced. Winning Streak 5. Winning Streak 3. Equal opportunity ass kicker.
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Last updated:2022-10-27 06:43:04
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Download bwapi.dll:bwapi.dll
Latest replays:
72287-insa_Nite-TvT.rep2022-12-5 09:40, 255 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]
72250-insa_Flas-TvP.rep2022-12-5 02:54, 606 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]
72230-insa_Mari-TvT.rep2022-12-5 00:38, 667 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]
72136-insa_ICEL-TvT.rep2022-12-4 12:24, 434 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]