StarCraft AI Bot Profile
SSCAIT Description:Disabled until a new version is released. It plays worse than the built-in AI
OpprimoBot is the first and currently only bot in SSCAIT to play with random race! It is constructed around a modular multi-agent system to make it flexible enough
Bot type:AI_MODULE
ELO rating:1501
ICCUP formula:
SSCAIT rank:
Note: While the competitive phase of SSCAIT is in progress, we only display the results from that specific phase here:
Total Win Rate:NAN
Achievements:Veteran. Godlike. Let's Rock. vs Protoss 200. vs Terran 200. Experienced. vs Protoss 50. vs Zerg 50. vs Terran 50. Winning Streak 5. Piece of Cake. Winning Streak 3. Cheese!. Equal opportunity ass kicker.
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Last updated:2015-11-23 10:18:52
Download bot binary:binary
Download bwapi.dll:bwapi.dll