Martin Pinter

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SSCAIT Description:A-move to victory! Me(c)h terran macro bot. [update v0.03] with a slight resemblance of micro
Bot type:JAVA_JNI
ELO rating:
ICCUP formula:
SSCAIT rank:
Note: While the competitive phase of SSCAIT is in progress, we only display the results from that specific phase here:
Total Win Rate:NAN
Achievements:vs Protoss 200. vs Terran 500. vs Zerg 200. Cheese!. Let's Rock. Veteran. vs Terran 200. vs Protoss 50. vs Zerg 50. Experienced. Piece of Cake. vs Terran 50. Winning Streak 3. Flower Child. Equal opportunity ass kicker.
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Last updated:2013-12-22 23:54:50
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