Fresh Meat

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Description:* Disabled while Fresh Meat learns some new knowledge * Hao Pan learns to play Zerg. Dynamic build order system based on Continual Online Evolution Planning (COEP) and a touch of Potential Field.
Bot type:AI_MODULE
Achievements:Equal opportunity ass kicker.
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Last updated:2018-12-05 18:43:28
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Latest replays:
301559-Fres_Ston-ZvT.rep2018-12-5 18:39, 146 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]
299824-Fres_Ston-ZvT.rep2018-11-25 16:29, 514 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]
299494-Fres_Assb-ZvT.rep2018-11-23 20:29, 83 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]
298974-Fres_Assb-ZvT.rep2018-11-20 19:47, 96 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]
298832-Fres_DAID-ZvP.rep2018-11-20 01:11, 151 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]
298673-Fres_Trav-ZvR.rep2018-11-19 01:41, 144 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]
298672-Fres_Ston-ZvT.rep2018-11-19 01:31, 92 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]
298426-Fres_Chri-ZvZ.rep2018-11-17 17:00, 87 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]
298310-Fres_Deli-ZvZ.rep2018-11-17 01:20, 155 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]
297997-Fres_ABCD-ZvP.rep2018-11-15 08:58, 156 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]
297960-Fres_Star-ZvP.rep2018-11-15 04:46, 93 kB[ watch in OpenBW ]