Interview with Gabriel Synnaeve, researcher at Facebook

Gabriel Synnaeve, project leader of the CherryPi Bot and researcher at Facebook

Before the round robin started, we took the liberty of asking Gabriel Synnaeve some questions about CherryPi, the AI behind it and the upcoming tournament. Due to some minor delays (christmas holiday, work and whatnot)...

Published on: 2018-02-10

The GOAL Project at the Delft University of Technology

The Biggest Broodwar AI Class in the World

About 80 of the 200 Broodwar AI students in Building 35 in Delft, the Netherlands.

In Summer 2017, the Delft University of Technology hosted a 200 Students course on Broodwar AI, using the GOAL instruction language, which is based upon beliefs...

Published on: 2017-12-25